Sriram Subramanian
Product Manager at AdYogi
"Zeda has given us the ability to have a centralized system that allows us to manage all our feedback channels, with one single login. It is extremely easy for us to collect both external and internal feedback and create a strong feedback loop with them."

About Adyogi

Adyogi is a Marketing Automation Software developed with a vision to help e-commerce businesses, large or small, acquire customers online and thereby increase revenue efficiently.

As a Premier Google Partner & top partner of Industry leaders, our digital marketing specialists offer expertise in paid search for e-commerce companies, from campaign creation to final conversion optimization. We've developed a software solution for users to design, evaluate, and improve their campaigns at every point of their performance marketing journey. Therefore, it begins by generating campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Google, then analyses read reports, and optimizes any automation and optimizations required to achieve better performance.

You just learn Adyogi, and you’re as good as learning five other advertisement platforms.

Our Problem Statement -

We use Google Sheets a lot for our work, and we reached a point where we contained a directory of excel sheets back linking to the required ones. You know these, eventually become overwhelming and exhausting to research. We found it to be stressful to continue using Excel sheets. We desired a single resource center or directory to include all our products. So we began looking for such possibilities.

In search of a tool that fits in exactly with our primary use case: feedback collection, came in as a tailor-made solution.

What made us choose

While engaging in multiple meetings with various stakeholders, one might get involved in internal discussions with multiple managers—for quarterly planning, feedback planning, etc.

All these notes are entered into Google sheets to the point where we had to maintain a directory of Google sheets for all the other Google sheets. Clearly making the task complicated.

Here comes giving us the ability to consolidate the feedback and bring it to a single platform rather than having to use multiple platforms to do so.

The benefit of having a tool lies in its usability, Zeda provides that. Additionally, it is psychologically easier to understand that anything pertaining to the product will be accessible in one place and then looking for them, requesting access in 30 different sheets.The product team is currently working on numerous no-code tools. Since we have been a NoCode company for a very long time, we always favour no-code technologies over ones that require coding. Therefore, features like Feedback widget and the customer portal on feedback are smooth to enable in the product, and they help us build credibility with our
customers in close quarters on how significant their voice is to us.

Ideally, we used to visit multiple channels across and then inquire about comments to see if anything is missing. And this is done every week, if we can drop a pin here, then this is the number of hours Zeda has helped us save. Therefore, the individual spent checking and then uploading it to Google sheets has now

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