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We are on the mission to make Product Management simpler and smarter.

We believe the value of a modern Product management lies in the ability to help businesses stay organized, know more about their customers and build strong features.

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Unlocking innovation for everyone by simplifying product management

At Zeda.io, we are all Product Managers who got tired of the inefficiencies in strategizing, planning, and building a great product.

Everything we do, we do it to empower Product Managers to build the right product better.

We are working towards a future where the science and art of Product Management can be divided between Product Managers and Artificial Intelligence, enabling Product Managers to build the right products without operational work.

East cost, USA
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Shreyanshi Shah
Product Manager @Capillary
Product management is all about communication. To me, this is also the core problem Zeda.io is striving to solve. When the product teams communicate effectively, better products get built faster.
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Aditi Kothari
Product Manager II @Razorpay
No more tracking down the documents. No more sifting through multiple files. Zeda.io provides us with a single repository of our data and makes product management simple and smart. Their recommendation engine will greatly reduce the time it takes to build products.
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Dheeraj Gunna
Head of Product @GoTo Financial
All tools that a PM needs in one place. Tools work in sync to eliminate most of the operational work in product management. Greatly reduces hopping between tools that don’t talk to each other..
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Alok Dubey
Product Design Lead @Branch
Zeda.io will change product management! After spending just a weekend with the product, I asked myself why nobody thought of this idea before.
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Padmini Janaki
CEO & Cofounder @Mind and Mom
Everything I needed as a PM is brought under one umbrella by Zeda.io. To me, this solves the challenge of collaboration. I do not doubt that the product will make the life of a PM less chaotic.
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Gaurav Yadav
Product @Deliveroo
As a product manager, I deal with a lot of data. Data fragmentation is a major headache. Nobody in the team knows where to find that user story when we really need it. Zeda.io a single source of truth where I can keep track of all the product data.
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Keyur Dhamelia
Product Lead
Zeda.io will help product teams ship what their users are asking for, what stakeholders want, and what the team is on board with. It is that easy!
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Tarun Valecha
Co-Founder @Meznik
Zeda.io is fully customizable and has many features that help you to collect feedback, analyze requests, and prioritize effectively. Zeda.io will surely help product managers cut down on their operational work.
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Gokul Prabhu
Product Manager @Nimblewireless
Built exclusively for Product Managers. All the tools are available in one single platform. No need to switch between different tools and documents
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Zeda.io is the smarter, simpler, and more efficient way to plan and execute your product management with your stakeholders

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