Getbeamer v/s Zeda.io

Feedback collection is an integral part of any product’s success. However, it is just the first piece of the puzzle. What about analyzing, prioritizing, and integrating feedback into the product lifecycle?

While Getbeamer just collects feedback, Zeda.io lets Product teams do that and everything that follows within the product management journey.

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Key Benefits of Zeda.io over Getbeamer

Manage the Entire Product Journey

With the right feedback management tools, your customers are quite literally the center of your product. Listen to your customers, align feedback to product goals, and plan roadmaps - while keeping customers in the loop every step of the way.

Getbeamer lets you systematically manage feedback through their dashboard, just like Zeda.io. But, through multiple filters, smart prioritization, and categorization, Zeda.io will take you a long way!

Feedback Management Comparison | Zeda.io v/s Getbeamer
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Key Benefits of Zeda.io over Getbeamer

Strategize Each Step

To strategize your product lifecycle, you need a solid roadmap that keeps the team connected. Now, Getbeamer offers a roadmap creation, but it has constraints when creating a comprehensive internal roadmap aligned with your product strategy. You get an extensive roadmap with a myriad of features through Zeda.io.

With Zeda.io you can create and share roadmaps just like Getbeamer. But that's not where it ends; product teams can view feature by feature dependency, and use the parking lot space to keep all the unplanned features just a click away.

Roadmap features Comparison | Zeda.io v/s Getbeamer
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Beamer vs Zeda Verdict

What’s the verdict?

Getbeamer is a product marketing platform, while Zeda.io empowers the whole product lifecycle management. In both platforms, user feedback plays a key role in their core functionality.
The primary purpose that both products serve is distinct. Getbeamer is great for keeping customers updated about product developments. Zeda.io does everything that Getbeamer does and goes above and beyond by offering a comprehensive range of features and functionalities. Hence, for a complete product lifecycle solution, Zeda.io is the way to go!
You can seamlessly and collaboratively manage multiple projects and intuitively build the best for your customers with Zeda.io. The biggest catch here is the price of Zeda.io. Zeda's PRO version, which costs at $99.90/month, is an incredible deal given the variety of features it provides.

With Zeda.io, your product team can invest their time in product discovery, strategy & building; not in figuring out the platform!

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