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Build What Matters

  • Zeda.io orchestrates a centralized feedback channel from diverse stakeholders, leveraging AI to transform feedback into actionable insights.

  • This facilitates a precise evaluation of the feedback's impact on customers and revenue, all without the hassle of manual data aggregation and analysis.

  • While ProductPlan requires manual entry of ideas and opportunities, it lacks metrics for prioritization and management, as well as the ability to analyze feedback. Zeda.io stands out by enabling the creation of products that matter significantly.

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Strategize for Outcomes

Zeda.io and ProductPlan foster comprehensive modules to navigate through different stages of product development.

While both platforms integrate with numerous tools for cross-functional collaboration, Zeda.io’s strategy module excels with metric target values, ensuring your team remains aligned with set goals. Moreover, the feature linking tracks progress seamlessly.

The holistic approach of Zeda.io ensures not just the formulation of strategies but a guided execution towards achieving the set targets, thereby not letting your team derail from the goals.

Build Solid Roadmaps

ProductPlan simplifies roadmap creation with a clean, straightforward design but lacks a product-focused lens, missing out on showcasing crucial revenue and customer impact for better prioritization.

Contrastingly, Zeda.io adopts a product-centric approach. Its templates are tailored for product-focused strategies, while the grouping options on the roadmap provide a product-specific lens for better alignment with product goals.

Moreover, Zeda.io enhances strategy formulation by enabling feedback collection from public roadmaps, ensuring the capturing of real-time feedback. . This feedback-centric approach makes Zeda.io a more robust platform for strategizing product outcomes.

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What’s the verdict?

ProductPlan offers a simplistic approach toward roadmap creation and prioritization. However, Zeda.io emerges as a holistic solution for product managers striving to align strategies with customer feedback and business objectives.
With AI-driven insights, seamless integrations, and a robust feedback management system, Zeda.io significantly surpasses the manual processes of ProductPlan.
The potential for fostering a customer-centric and revenue-oriented approach is exponentially higher with Zeda.io. Book a demo now to explore the endless possibilities with Zeda.io! Happy Building 💜

Get access to all our features - none of that ‘you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

Get access to all our features - none of that
you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

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