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What is the use of building a feature factory if your customers don’t use them?

Zeda.io’s AI-powered features help you create products your customers will love while
aligning with your business goals.

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Know Your Customers

  • Zeda.io, our AI-powered customer insights allow you to understand your customers' needs in great detail. This eliminates the need for guesswork and helps you make informed decisions about what to offer next. The entire process is automated, so you won't have to spend time sifting through vast amounts of data.

  • Meanwhile, with Airfocus, you can also gain insights from customer feedback, but it requires manual analysis of each individual comment to determine their needs.

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Decide What to Build Next

Airfocus offers an opportunity pipeline to decide what to build next. Here, you can prioritize your roadmap and backlog around a clear product strategy with scoring frameworks, Priority Poker, user insights, and OKRs. Zeda.io helps you to unveil high-revenue opportunities, retention strategies, and resource optimization scope to expedite deal closures.

Moreover, you will be able to foster product-led growth by focusing on high-NPS opportunities. Zeda.io helps you prioritize using customer insights, as well as using frameworks such as RICE and Value-Effort, to build the right products.

Strategize Your Product Journey

The key to a successful business is not the number of product features but rather creating products that deliver both customer and business value. Achieving this balance is crucial for the success of your products.While Airfoucs provides a well-quality strategy roadmap, it falls short when compared with Zeda.io.

Zeda.io offers a clearer view of your strategy maps. You can easily create goals, add initiatives, and connect OKRs to your product plan. Also, measure delivery confidence with Zeda.io’s proprietary scoring system (ZCN). This helps you visualize your strategy more effectively and measure the outcomes of every product built. Additionally, the platform provides context faster and better to improve decision-making.

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What’s the verdict?

Airfocus is a good tool for product managers to streamline the product lifecycle. However, Zeda.io offers an even more advanced solution for building products that provide customer and business value.
With Zeda.io, you'll have access to a complete package of tools that can automate your daily tasks, making your workflow much smoother. 
Additionally, AI-generated insights will help you make more data-driven product decisions and uncover new opportunities. Also, Zeda.io allows you to create AI-generated interactive release notes to close the feedback loop and keep your users updated. With Zeda.io 2.0, you can discover problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next, align teams, visualize progress, measure outcomes, and ship the right products. Book a demo now to learn more! 💜

Get access to all our features - none of that ‘you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

Get access to all our features - none of that
you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

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