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insights 2.0

Reel in Voice of Customer, from Literally Anywhere!


Bring in your feedback and customer data from different sources. Never miss a voice that impacts product success.

Multiple sources. One central hub.

Collect feedback from multiple channels in one place - using’s native tools,  integrations or public API.

Automatic Feedback Capture with AI harnesses AI to instantly capture feedback from customer conversations, turning insights into action with minimal effort.

Seamless Organization

Auto-detects and categorizes feedback for quick analysis.

Actionable Insights

Analyzes feedback to highlight actionable improvements.

Efficient Integration

Speeds up the feedback loop, enhancing product evolution.

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Unlock the Full Potential of User Feedback

Capture the essence of every user interaction with, where qualitative narratives meet quantitative analysis for a full-picture feedback approach.

Holistic Insights

Merge qualitative feedback with quantitative data for a comprehensive view of user sentiments and behaviors.

Organized Clarity

Neatly categorize and organize feedback, simplifying complex data into actionable insights.

AI-Driven Analysis

Leverage AI to summarize, brainstorm, and generate action items, offering key takeaways that guide your next steps.

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Connect a feedback source, and watch us work our magic 🪄

Simply bring in 200 pieces of feedback from any source, and you're all set for actionable product insights - in minutes!

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