From messy ideas to an irresistible product that your users can’t ignore

Why lose track of your valuable ideas when you can manage all of them in one place and make better decisions?


Say goodbye to hundreds of sheets and docs that you have no clue of.

Collect feature requests, ideas & feedback from customers and teammates in a single repository to make better decisions.

Empower your teammates & customers to share feedback and engage with feature ideas they need the most.

Make it easy for them to share feedback and collaborate on ideas with the help of the customer portal, in-app widget, integrations, feedback dashboard, product space, and more.


Cut through the noise and focus on building impactful products.

Understand trends and spend time only on things that matter the most. Let us help you analyze feedback while you work on creating a customer impact.

Don’t let things go in a million directions!

Keeping everyone aligned is easy when you can share a live roadmap, manage dependencies, and set up OKRs all in one place.


Keep your teams and customers aligned

Create and share roadmaps with everyone and drive visibility for your product plans.


Objective & Key Results

Drive accountability with OKRs and get a bird’s eye view of your product goals.


Build high-impact products

Understand what adds the most value with RICE, Value effort, and other frameworks.

"Managing social media was never this easy." - Rob Lewis

I saw which of my campaigns were working in real time. SaasBox changed the way our entire marketing department worked. I don’t think we’ve ever had a tool that’s been able to so quickly provide us with feedback.

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Happy Customers

Product management is all about communication. To me, this is also the core problem is striving to solve. When the product teams communicate effectively, better products get built faster.
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Shreyanshi Shah
Product @Capillary will change product management! After spending just a weekend with the product, I asked myself why nobody thought of this idea before.
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Alok Dubey
Product Design Manager @Branch will help product teams ship what their users are asking for, what stakeholders want, and what the team is on board with. It is that easy!
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Keyur Dhameliya
Product Lead

A single source of truth for your product data



Leverage the in-built document library for PRDs, personas, and more.


Pass on product context and specs to your engineering & design teams easily.


Easily monitor the status of each task and feature in your roadmap.


Tell everyone what you have shipped through multiple channels.

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