Let's make Product Management

Simpler and Smarter

What is Zeda.io?

Zeda.io is a product management suite that brings all the things needed
to define, manage, and collaborate on your product at one place.


No more hopping between different tools, define your product at one place.


Create PRDs and make them accessible to the stakeholders.


Plan customer journey paths and improve user experience.


An intuitive wire framing tool to visualize your product design.


Create user personas and identify their needs, behaviors, and goals.

Competitive Analysis

Identify competitors and research strategies to gain competitive advantage.


Break product into feature and sync with project management tool.

  • Allow account grouping

    Can we add the functionality to group users

  • Custom widgets

    I would like to add my own custom widgets

  • Contacts sorting with ID count

    Add option to sort contacts based on their ID

  • Edit button not working in list

    The edit button is not responding after sorting

Gather Requirements

Get feedback and feature requests from
different sources at one place for better view.


Use our inbuilt frameworks to decide what to build next or make your own custom framework.


See roadmap, kanban view, sheet views of your features and it will sync with Jira, Asana, Trello etc.

A Product tool that talks to the entire company.

With two way sync between all the stakeholder’s tools,
you focus on product and not spend time in meetings.


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