Aha v/s Zeda.io

Product teams don’t function in fragments. So why should your product management software have things scattered?

Zeda.io offers a unified platform for all product management tasks, and streamlines the alignment of internal & external stakeholders. It seamlessly integrates with existing tools unique to your team’s workflow. The results? An efficient and successful product development process.

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Building for your users with Zeda.io v/s Aha.io

Aha.io checks off all the basics for feedback management, like voting, filters & user research, etc. However, where Aha.io lacks is to support multiple formats of feedback, the ability to white-label the in-app widget and publishing release notes.

With all that ‘Aha ideas’ offers, Zeda.io’s integrations with CRMs like Zendesk, Intercom, customer portal, in-app white-labeled widget, and other features are designed to help you gather insights quickly and efficiently.

This means it’s easier to collect customer feedback, and use it to make informed product decisions.

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Nailing your Product Strategy with Zeda.io v/s Aha.io

Set up Goals to balance the needs of the product, market, business and use powerful touchpoints to validate features, and ensure the product team doesn’t waste time and resources.

With Zeda.io, make sure your roadmap & sprints work towards the product strategy with prioritization frameworks and capacity planning all in one place. Zeda.io stands out from other product management tools due to its seamless integration with Jira, allowing for unlimited team collaborators for free on all plans.

Admittedly, Aha.io also has most of these features and does not fail you in this aspect. However, it’s spread over various modules and plans, that make it very fragmented.

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What’s the verdict?

Aha.io is a great tool, but no one ever said it fits the budget.
Despite its wide range of integrations and visibility into the development process, Aha.io gets very difficult to use due to fragmented modules. The price for this stacks up when the platform is also hard to navigate, and support is often delayed.
Zeda flips the conventional product management tool on its head by bringing product teams closer to the users than ever. Zeda.io makes it easier to make product decisions based on customer feedback, create roadmaps that account for user pain points and keep all users in the loop with Release notes.
That’s how we like to build products after all — by staying in tune with users’ needs, having a pulse of their feelings, and celebrating them with every build. ❤️

With Zeda.io, your product team can invest their time in product discovery, strategy & building; not in figuring out the platform!

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