Jira Product Discovery v/s Zeda.io

While Jira Product Discovery stands as a renowned product development tool known for its robust planning, tracking, and release features. Zeda.io provides a user-centric and AI-powered alternative designed to align with business goals and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Understand Your Customers

  • At Zeda.io, we leverage AI to provide in-depth insights about your customers' needs. This approach eliminates guesswork, allowing you to make well-informed decisions for your next product offering. The whole process is automated, saving you the trouble of manually analyzing vast amounts of data. This way, you will be able to make product decisions that align with your business and customer goals.

  • Jira Discovery and Zeda.io differ fundamentally in their core philosophies. While Jira primarily concentrates on idea management, offering tools for tracking and organizing ideas, Zeda.io takes a broader view, focusing on high-level feedback management to help shape products in compliance with customer needs and business goals.

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Build Products That Matter

In the arena of product discovery, Zeda.io truly shines with its AI-powered capabilities that generate valuable customer insights, helping you determine what your audience needs and wants. These insights play a crucial role in the product discovery phase, as they can guide the development of new product features or entirely new products.

On the contrary, Jira Product Discovery, while excellent for task management, does not offer similar capabilities for product discovery. The teams would have to manually update the data and decide what features to build next, leaving the product discovery largely in the hands of your team.

Organize Your Product Lifecycle

While Jira Product Discovery helps you track and manage product development, Zeda.io provides you with the ability to visualize your strategy maps clearly and more comprehensively. You can establish goals, add initiatives, and connect OKRs to your product plan.

With the proprietary Zeda.io scoring system (ZCN), you can gauge your delivery confidence, helping you optimize your resources effectively. This can help you save your time and use it more efficiently to drive product outcomes.

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The Final Verdict

While Jira Discovery is a well-regarded tool for Product Management, Zeda.io stand out with its features. Zeda.io provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools that can automate your daily tasks, making your workflow much smoother. Moreover, Zeda.io is more intuitive and user-friendly for the product teams.
Moreover, Zeda.io's AI-driven insights are invaluable for the product discovery phase, helping you uncover new opportunities and make data-driven decisions. With Zeda.io, you can keep your users updated with AI-generated interactive release notes, closing the feedback loop efficiently.
With Zeda.io 2.0, discover problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next, align teams, visualize progress, measure outcomes, and ship the right products.

With Zeda.io, your product team can invest their time in product discovery,
strategy & building; not in figuring out the platform!

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