Zeda.io v/s Roadmunk

What use is a roadmap if it needs to be updated for every minor change of plans?

Zeda.io’s smarter roadmap offers functionality and automation that reduces your Product Team’s workload, and keeps all stakeholders in a tight loop.

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A better workflow for your Roadmaps

When the basics of importing and exporting are done and dusted, you need a roadmap that actually works. It shouldn’t be a collection of static fields, adapted to a few different views. Your roadmap is constantly updated, thanks to myriad powerful integrations, when using Zeda.io.

Feedback from users is at the center of every feature on the roadmap — ensuring you build something that will sell. Further, user research, prototype validation, and automated responses to user feedback get you zooming through the operational parts.

Roadmunk could be suited to your needs if you want to build a roadmap with prioritization and share it with your team, but it still doesn’t account for capacity planning. And with limited users, you will pay a premium for what we consider fundamental.

Unlimited Roadmaps
Idea Creation & Prioritization
Customer Portal
2-way Sync with Jira
Only 1-way sync
Unlimited Users
5 users with a paid
Unlimited Shareable Roadmaps
Multiple Layouts for Roadmaps
Built-in Feature Prioritization Template
Link Feedback to Features
Cannot map Feedback
to a Feature
Feedback Management by Type
Action Updates on User Feedback
Release Notes

What’s the verdict?

Roadmunk is a static tool that helps you set up a roadmap for your Product development, but if you tried to align this with other parts of your business, it would be a hard sell. If you’re a proponent of Product-Led Growth, you have to opt for something that puts the product at the centre, and feeds into all other business functions.
Zeda.io offers a whole lot more at a fraction of the price. It is built for your entire org to stay aligned, work dedicatedly towards user needs, and build feedback loops that guarantee growth.

Get access to all our features- none of that ‘you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

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