Seven core scenarios.

Seven core ways of building revenue-1st products.

Collect product ideas rapidly from your customers

Capture ideas from a user’s natural interaction point using built-in tools like widgets & portals.

Gather product feedback with smart widgets embedded right within your app

Collect feedback on multiple product lines by setting up different boards in your customer portal

Customize the look & feel of these feedback channels to suit your brand identity

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Turn call transcripts into actionable product insights

Automatically funnel call transcripts from Gong to, unlocking informative data ready for analysis.

No manual transcript uploads – effortlessly integrate Gong for automatic transcript sharing

Personalize what data gets transferred by setting up automation rules in Gong

Let AI sift through the conversation data, identifying potential opportunities to boost revenue

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Sync product plans with existing dev workflows

Collaborate with your engineering teams by directly syncing your workflows with a Jira board

Easily import all your features from a Jira or Linear project to your workspace

Directly push tickets from to Jira or Linear providing context to your dev teams

No context is lost — Auto-sync updates for field values of features mapped between Jira or Linear and

Collaborate with CS teams to address customer issues

Surpass customer expectations by effectively acting on their feedback and slash churn by more than 20%

Integrate insights from Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce, and more to ensure every voice is heard and acted upon, boosting CSAT

Utilize public roadmaps, email, or integrate with Slack or HubSpot for proactive customer notifications & updates

Show your customers you value their input by acting on their feedback and keeping them in loop through AI release notes

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Collaborate with Sales for potential revenue opportunities

Close deals faster and make your product sales-enriched with's power-packed data dashboards

With revenue impact analysis, know what features to prioritize in sync with your sales team

Track potential high-revenue opportunities and tap into these to pivot like a pro

Analyze lost deals and learn from what went wrong to make sure it never happens again

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Close the feedback loop with real-time updates

Keep customers informed about your releases via multiple channels, with complete control over channel specifications

Set up your audience for specific release notes and keep them informed on multiple channels of your preference - including emails, portals or widgets.

Simply select the features you wish to highlight in your release note and let AI generate a crisp and clear note for you in mere seconds

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