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Identify New Product Opportunities with Zeda.io’s Gong Integration

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Athira V S

Created on:

January 11, 2024

Updated on:

October 27, 2023

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Identify New Product Opportunities with Zeda.io’s Gong Integration

At Zeda.io, we ensure that our customers are heard and acted upon. Through our latest integration with Gong, our aim is to help our customers do the same, making sure that no feedback slips through the cracks. 

This new integration with Gong is designed to transform conversations with customers or stakeholders into actionable insights. This seamless integration empowers your team to automatically funnel call transcripts from Gong to Zeda.io, unlocking informative data ready for analysis.

Zeda.io's integration with Gong

Here’s a glimpse of what this integration entails:

Automated Transcript Transfer

No more manual transcript uploads! Gong automatically sends call transcripts to your Zeda.io workspace, saving time and ensuring a continuous flow of data for analysis.

AI-Powered Insights

Once the transcripts are in Zeda.io, our AI handles the rest! It sifts through the conversation data, identifying potential opportunities to boost revenue and enhance customer engagement. The valuable insights generated enable your team to make informed, customer-focused decisions that drive impactful business outcomes.

Customizable Automation Rules

Personalize what data gets transferred by setting up automation rules in Gong. You have the control to filter and forward the calls that matter most to your Zeda.io workspace.

Zeda.io and Gong integration

Easy Setup

With just a few clicks, connect Gong to Zeda.io, set up your automation rules, and you're good to go! The setup process is straightforward, but our support team at support@zeda.io is ready to assist if you encounter any hiccups.

Enhanced Feedback Dashboard

The transcribed call notes are neatly organized in the Zeda Feedback Dashboard, making it easy for your team to review, analyze, and act upon the insights gleaned.

This integration paves the way for a more data-driven, customer-centric approach to product management. The fusion of Gong's conversational insights with Zeda.io’s analytical capabilities creates a robust foundation for identifying new revenue streams and understanding customer needs on a deeper level.

Ready to amp up your product management strategies?Get started with this integration and start turning your conversations into actionable strategies with Zeda.io and Gong! Explore the setup guide in our help center to get started.

Please note, that this integration is available only on request. So, don’t miss out, request Gong Integration Now!

With this integration, take a step further in aligning your product strategies with real-world feedback and insights. Your journey towards more insightful product management begins here!

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