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With Zeda.io, Sprinque was able to bring in all their stakeholders in one place and improve overall work quality.

Snehasri Purama
Senior Product Manager - Sprinque

The biggest problem Zeda.io has solved for us is alignment. As a company, all teams have different visions for the long-term. Zeda.io has helped bring everyone together while increasing the visibility across teams.” 

1. Our Company

Founded in 2021, Sprinque has built the most flexible B2B payments platform to make business transactions as frictionless as ordering anything off Amazon. It is a B2B checkout platform for merchants and marketplaces. focused on invoice financing which helps merchants manage their cash flow better. Business buyers expect the flexibility to pay 15, 30, 60, or 90 days after their purchase and Sprinque provides that. This flexibility helps increase conversion and retention for the merchants.

Sprinque has automated credit decisioning which approves business buyers and assigns them a credit limit in real-time, enabling buyers to purchase with a single click. the merchants get paid instantly, eliminating all risks.

Sprinque also provides access to localized payment methods, including iDeal, Pay by Bank, bank transfer, etc, allowing buyers to settle invoices however they want using their online bank account or mobile bank app.

Talking about the primary problem we’re trying to solve, as stated by our CEO: “There are now over 300 B2B marketplaces in Europe, and the majority have been founded in the past five years. But when it comes to B2B payments, everything still happens offline. Our goal is simple: We want to help B2B marketplaces and merchants grow their business while reducing costs.”

2. What made you try Zeda.io?

As a Senior Product Manager at Sprinque, I'm responsible for everything from customer happiness to defining the technical user stories. We used to work on Notion to document everything related to product. We had bunches of Notion pages scattered all over. Of course, we can use the table view and organize things in Notion but the real question arises: “How much of it really gets organised?” Hence, we were looking out for a solution that helps us collect, track and prioritize items, keep our stakeholders informed of what we are working on, and be organized as a company. On a Product level, there are so many things that were scattered and we were looking for a tool to fill all these gaps.

That’s when I stumbled across Prashant’s (Zeda.io’s founder) profile and reached out to him for a completely different thing. I was casually mentioning all the problems we were facing as a team and how much of a manual effort it was. That’s when he mentioned about Zeda.io and that got me really intrigued to check out the product. While exploring the product, I really liked how everything was so organized and consolidated. That’s how we started with Zeda.io and there’s no looking back now.

Recently, we were working on prioritization and the whole flexibility around creating your own prioritization technique was a cherry on top. Being able to add our own custom fields and come up with a formula for the score enhanced the flexibility and it was quite helpful in deciding our goals.”

3. What is one major problem that Zeda.io has helped you solve?

The biggest problem Zeda.io has solved for us is alignment. As a company, all teams have different views and visions for the long-term. As a Sr. PM, I have a version of how the next few months should look. A CPO has a different version catering to long-term goals for the product. A commercial team is more inclined towards the growth side of the business. The engineering team is focused on all things related to the product’s tech and infrastructure requirements. In this scenario, creating objectives and roadmaps, putting everything together helps everyone stay on the same page. For instance, we are working on Germany expansion currently. Now, if the commercial team gets a German customer, it’s quite simple for them to go to that roadmap and convey that we'll be ready in September. This has enabled a lot of visibility and alignment for the company.

For a lot of companies, the Engineering, Development, and Design teams benefit tremendously when Product Managers use a product management software. It makes things async and helps save time, thereby increasing efficiency. 

We hope you loved this case study as much as we loved helping Sprinque!
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