Pet Tech helped Nimble improve their stakeholder collaboration and overall work quality.

Gokul Prabhu
Product Manager @Nimble
“What comes to my mind instantly when I think about is: It is the best tool for product managers.”

1. Our company

Nimble is a pioneer and leader in innovative IoT solutions to make the world a better place- every day. We are continually innovating to create revolutionary solutions to help industries unlock efficiency and productivity.

Nimble helps customers wirelessly connect, control, and manage their remote assets. Nimble does this by providing state of the art IoT solutions to consumers and businesses to help keep pets and food safe. Nimble’s IoT solutions find applications in multiple verticals such as Consumer pet safety, Cold Chain Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Infrastructure, Green Energy, and Healthcare industries.

For example, this is how our device ‘Waggle’ provides a peace of mind solution to pet parents:

There was a niche problem in the US market faced by people who love to travel in an RV or in the car as they found it unsafe to leave behind their pets in their vehicles. In case of power supply issues, say the air conditioner in the vehicle turns off, it might risk the pet’s life. Here is how our device Waggle could help pet parents safeguard their pets by analyzing real time temperature and sending alerts to them at the right time, if the temperature crosses the defined limit. As a brand that caters to a niche segment, we have a huge potential and we are looking to expand into the complete pet ecosystem.

2. What made us try

At Nimble, I take care of product management with my core focus on making Waggle better for our target audience. Our team was using Google Sheets, ClickUp and Jira to layout roadmaps and manage tasks. We could see our data was scattered across places and not organised. After we got to know about, the way things worked became streamlined. Our product team’s core element is the roadmap and it’s become a lot easier for us to define our plan, and coordinate with developers, designers and other stakeholders. Our team at Waggle finds it very helpful as we are not having to switch between different tools to get work done.

Our other focus is design. We connected with our design team remotely to communicate our design requirements and with, this looks very seamless. We define all the features for the launch in the platform so developers and designers could get a clear picture of what the product team is planning. Now that we are crossing 100 employees, we definitely need software like this to keep our work organised.

Also, I am happy that zeda implemented a feedback platform. This is going to be so useful for our team to understand what is in our customers’ minds. I am waiting to discuss this with my peers in our quarterly meeting so our team members and customers can send their feedback to the product team. Although we use to collect feedback, we now find much easier as everything we need is under one single roof.

“At Nimble, our team discusses the product vision and roadmap at the start of every year. Our information was scattered across Google Sheets, ClickUp, etc. With in our picture, everything looks so channelized and I don’t have to hop between multiple tools.”

3. How helped us increase our efficiency

Like I mentioned earlier, our work was totally unorganised; we were just using Google Sheets and hardly touched upon any other tools for our product roadmap. I would definitely say that’s product roadmap feature helped our engineering team improve the quality of their work as they were able to know what was in the pipeline. Our product team will have all the details for features ready in the platform and we share it with our team. For a particular feature, the engineering or the design team will not have to refer to any other documents and their work is sorted in itself. Earlier the engineering team never had a clear idea of what was being ideated in the product team’s end and they used to wonder if they’d receive ad hoc requests from others and I should admit that the team never appreciated it.

“As a product team, it is our responsibility to make our engineering and design team feel comfortable by communicating to them well ahead about what we are and will be working on in the near future.’s roadmap feature helped us the best on this front”.

The key product we are working on at Waggle is one of our long term projects and we have added that to our workspace in It’s been really smooth to define plans, collaborate internally and with other stakeholders and achieve what we want. Though our team was using Jira for monitoring the technical issues and tickets received from other teams, we found to be more comfortable with regard to product features and that is when we adopted for Nimble Wireless.  

I always believe there is room for improvement in any workspace and I'm happy to share my feedback that would add value to’s growth and be a part of the journey.

We hope you loved this case study as much as we loved helping Nimble!
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