AI-powered product intelligence that you can actually use

Leverage AI to transform customer signals into actionable product insights. Use it as your single source of truth to understand what matters to your customers and your business.

product intelligence

Collect Feedback From Multiple Channels

Capture and centralize customer and product feedback, uncover burning issues, and discover product opportunities.

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Accumulate and connect feedback data using native tools such as widgets and portals and integrations with customer support tools.

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Conduct user research and collect feedback for rapid prototyping and validation.

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Associate revenue data to determine the business impact of customer feedback and product features.

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Incorporate product analytics platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude to connect customer insights with distinct cohorts.

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Extract customer health and deal information from CRM platforms, linking them to relevant feedback and product features.

Customer portals


AI feedback analysis

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Validate ideas against feedback

Ask AI and quickly validate your ideas or projects you are working on against actual customer feedback and assess if you’re on the right track.

Explore Feedback themes AI breaks down thousands of customer feedback from multiple channel into specific feedback and product themes and by impact to make it easier for you to prioritize product development.

Gauge revenue impact

For every product and customer insight that generates, it informs you of the revenue and potential opportunity impact it may have on your business and customers.

AI-recommended product actions not only analyzes feedback and breaks them down but more importantly suggests product and business actions you need to take for maximum impact.

The single source of product truth you needed

Explicitly designed for product teams to understand business and customer perspectives comprehensively and turn them into product opportunities to drive growth.

Drive business impact

Uncover high-revenue product opportunities and expedite deal closures.

Address customer concerns to ensure increased retention.

Propel product-led growth by focusing on high-NPS opportunities.

Segment data by cohorts and customer attributes. Enter new markets and spaces, confidently.

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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