AI-powered product intelligence that you can actually use

Leverage AI to transform customer signals into actionable product insights. Use it as your single source of truth to understand what matters to your customers and your business.

product intelligence

Decode customer & 
business signals through AI’s intelligence layer interprets customer signals from various channels, turning them into actionable product insights.

Prioritize products to solve burning customer problems

Understand customer sentiments, link customer insights to feedback, and prioritize products that matter to customers and align with business goals

The single source of product truth you needed

Explicitly designed for product teams to understand business and customer perspectives comprehensively and turn them into product opportunities to drive growth.

Drive business impact

Uncover high-revenue product opportunities and expedite deal closures.

Address customer concerns to ensure increased retention.

Propel product-led growth by focusing on high-NPS opportunities.

Segment data by cohorts and customer attributes. Enter new markets and spaces, confidently.

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.