Leverage the power of AI to build better products

power of AI

Get More Context To Feedback With AI

Leverage the power of AI to gain insights from customer feedback with our advanced feedback analysis tools.

Brainstorm feature ideas to build based on feedback.

Summarize & simplify feedback 
for clarity.

Generate action items based on feedback received.

Auto-generated AI tags help you keep your feedback dashboard organized.

Feedback Insights

Unlock the potential of your product by leveraging AI-generated feedback insights gathered from quantitative and qualitative data points.

Opportunities: Uncover new features and product capabilities that users desire, enhancing their overall experience.

Painpoints: Detect and address issues, bugs, or frustrations reported by users, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable product journey.

Trend Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve by integrating AI-powered feedback trend analysis. Effortlessly track and correlate feedback submitted and product usage based on:



Company tier

Insights Based on Customer Segments

Leverage AI-generated insights to prioritize product development based on key customer segments.

Maximize the impact of your product initiatives by integrating with analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel. Import customer segments based on product usage, customer lifecycle stage, and revenue.

Revenue Impact

Integrate your product analytics platform and CRM to capture key customer attributes. Determine the revenue impact of specific companies and feedback by utilizing AI-driven insights, enabling strategic decision-making for future growth.

Power-pack New
Feature Ideation with AI

Struggling with creative roadblocks? Enhance your brainstorming sessions and quadruple your pace with the help of AI-Assist to generate feature ideas, details, and tasks.Just ask Zeda.io's AI to steer your feature ideas in the direction that aligns best with your vision. Concentrate on the heart of product innovation while our AI takes care of the heavy lifting.

AI Docs Designed
For Product Teams

Craft documents in a matter of minutes, not hours, using Zeda.io's AI. Think of documents as your playfield for your product, where you can brainstorm ideas, write PRDs, evaluate current documents, crunch numbers, and so much more. The possibilities are limitless.Zeda.io AI Docs are custom-tailored for product teams, enabling them to multiply their productivity tenfold and refine their product vision for building superior products.

Publish Release Notes in
Seconds with AI

With Zeda.io's AI, you now have the power to publish release notes in seconds, literally! Enjoy a seamless and automated way to close the feedback loop faster and better.

Personalize the content of your release notes.

Let AI automatically craft the content for you.

Brand your release note documents and make it intuitive.

Get a preview of your release notes on multiple devices and email clients.

Select the channels you prefer for the publication and distribution of your release note.

Decide whether to share your release notes publicly or to a select audience. release note documents and make it intuitive.

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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