Productboard v/s Zeda.io

When you’re looking for a product management platform, you’re thinking of something that helps you plan and prioritize, keep track of all cross-team updates, and efficiently take the right product to the market faster. However, the right product is always the one that is centered around solving your users’ problems.

While ProductBoard is not an intelligent platform that keeps you building for your users, Zeda.io is!

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Build for your users

  • With Zeda.io, your users and customers are quite literally the center of your universe.

  • Feedback collection is simplified with endless integrations, a dedicated customer portal, a widget for your app, and more. Further, feedback is compiled intelligently to surface the insights, which empowers product teams to understand the users’ pain points. The features you plan to build, the roadmap you create for the team — and everything in between — is made better when user feedback is the source of inception.

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Goal setting & planning

Dev is not a feature factory; everything they build should solve a real problem for your users. Zeda.io allows you to set up goals to balance the needs of the product, market, and business. When you align product features to your goals, and validate with customers using Zeda.io’s powerful touchpoints, you can rest assured that you won’t waste any resources building something futile.

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Execute to Perfection

You build refined products when you start with a solid plan and complete clarity. With Roadmaps on Zeda.io, each stakeholder gets a complete picture of the project, and where individual activities fit in. The roadmap offers absolute visibility into dev initiatives and updates, helps manage timelines, and keeps every stakeholder informed. Admittedly, ProductBoard also does not fail you in this aspect.

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What’s the verdict?

ProductBoard is a great tool, but no one ever said it fit the budget. It helps you plan and strategize, keeps stakeholders involved, and offers visibility into the development process as well. Further, it has a wide range of integrations as well.
However, all of this can get really isolated really fast when there are no broad goals to keep you on track, and feedback collection is to a mere minimum. The price stacks up for a platform that is so hard to navigate, and doesn’t even cover use cases end to end.
Zeda.io flips this conventional product management model on its head by bringing product teams closer to the users than they have ever been. That’s how we like to build products after all — by staying in tune with users’ needs, having a pulse of their feelings, and celebrating them with every build. ❤️

Get access to all our features - none of that ‘you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

Get access to all our features - none of that
you have to opt for the other tier’ stuff.

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