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Release Notes AI

Create Release Notes in Seconds With AI

Whip up blazing-fast release notes in no time! Simply select the features you wish to highlight in your release note and watch our AI generate a crisp and clear note for you in mere seconds.

Pre-made Release Note Templates
Choose from a variety of release note templates designed specifically for product teams in mind.
Pick a template
Start customizing
Customize & Brand Your Release Notes

Once your content is ready, add images, categories, tags, and authors to your release notes. Start customizing and make it yours.

Preview Your Release Note

Don't just create notes; preview if they look good on multiple devices including. desktop, mobile, email client previews, and more.

Keep Customers Informed Via Multiple Channels

Set up your audience for specific release notes and keep them informed on multiple channels. Once done, save your audience selection for future use.

Close Feedback Loops automagically with AI
Access Previous Release Notes With Ease

Our Release Note Generator keeps a record of all your published notes in a timeline format. This feature makes it effortless to locate past release notes, ensuring you can refer back to earlier updates whenever necessary.

Simplified Release Note Analytics

Now, you have the power to unlock valuable data about every release note you put out:

Reach: Discover the extent of your audience coverage through email distribution.

Engagement: Gauge the popularity of your release note by tracking likes and other positive reactions.

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