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Product feedback software to collect all customer requests and put them into action

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Product management is all about communication. To me, this is also the core problem is striving to solve. When the product teams communicate effectively, better products get built faster.

Shreyanshi Shah

Product Manager @Capillary

Listen to your stakeholders

Behind every great product is Product Manager that listened to their customers. Start listening with our customer feedback software!

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Aditi Kothari
Product Manager II @Razorpay
No more tracking down the documents. No more sifting through multiple files. provides us with a single repository of our data and makes product management simple and smart. Their recommendation engine will greatly reduce the time it takes to build products.
Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Customizable Widget and Portal

Our smart widget lets your users take screenshots, annotate and record videos from right within the app and send it over to you for review. Alternatively, you can use a customizable portal to serve as your community.

One place for all incoming requests

We have taken all the scattered tools like CRM, Slack, Teams, Gmail and more, that your teams use to collect requests and integrated them in an all-in-one customer feedback tool.

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Dheeraj Gunna
Head of Product @GoTo Financial
All tools that a PM needs in one place. Tools work in sync to eliminate most of the operational work in product management. Greatly reduces hopping between tools that don’t talk to each other..
Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

One step closer to developers

Convert any incoming request or in-app feedback directly into an actionable Jira/Devops ticket for your development team to work on.

Learn about other products is the smarter, easier, more efficient way to manage product lifecycle

Everything a Product Manager needs, now in one place is the smarter, simpler, and more efficient way to plan and execute your product management with your stakeholders


What kind of data can you collect from product feedback software like

You can collect data through both direct and indirect feedback with Direct feedback refers to the data shared manually by the customer via surveys and feedback forms.

Indirect data is the usage metrics which are tracked with the help of tools such as Mixpanel and Google Data Studio. Both kinds of data help validate and generate new ideas.

What are the strategies used to acquire useful customer responses?

Surveys, exploratory interviews, and usability tests are some effective ways to gather useful SaaS customer feedback.

Since these responses come from various sources, it is necessary to use customer insight management software like to put them into practice. collates all of that feedback into one place which makes it easier for the product management team to sift through them.

Does a user feedback software help in providing customized solutions to any selective query from the customer feedback repository?

Customer feedback management software will help you tend to each of your customers’ requests individually.

A product feedback management tool like will help you prioritize the received queries based on parameters relevant to the product’s long-term vision.

If there is not enough data, you can immediately start in-depth research from itself. Furthermore, you can tag other team members to closely monitor its progress.

Why you should look available integrations while choosing a customer feedback tool?

Integrations help enrich your product feedback repository by collecting feedback from multiple sources while building a robust customer feedback management system.’s customer feedback solution currently offers more than 50 integrations. You can integrate with customer feedback tools, collaboration tools, analytics tools, and more.

With these integrations, teams only take a few minutes to hit the ground running with

What are the various techniques used to thank customers for their feedback and make them feel heard?

Incorporating their feedback into the product roadmap, giving them discounts on their next purchase, and keeping them in the loop are the best techniques for thanking customers for their product idea submissions. The key here is to set up a customer feedback management process that will help product management not only get effective feedback but also act on it while rewarding them accordingly.

Does a user feedback software help in providing better customer experience?

Yes. User feedback software provides product management with accurate data to add desirable features that improve the customer experience.

They are usually integrated with product prioritization software like to make the feedback management process faster.

This makes the product management process seamless and reduces the turnaround time. As a result, users can get the new features quickly.