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Slash Product-Related Support Tickets by 60% with Feedback Auto-capture & Analysis

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Athira V S

Created on:

May 7, 2024

Updated on:

May 7, 2024

2 mins read

Slash Product-Related Support Tickets by 60% with Feedback Auto-capture & Analysis

Managing overwhelming customer support tickets is no small feat, especially as your customer base expands and feedback pours in relentlessly. Amidst this, staying on top of all product-related customer interactions and making informed product decisions becomes increasingly challenging.

Also, it's a common struggle that product-related support tickets often don't get the attention they deserve, right? Furthermore, the risk of crucial customer inputs slipping through the cracks looms large, potentially impacting customer satisfaction and leading to churn.

This is precisely where Zeda.io steps in!

Bid Farewell to Manual Support Ticket Analysis Chaos

This is a day-to-day thing; you converse with customers across support platforms like Intercom and Zendesk, each holding valuable insights for your product's development. Yet, amidst the overwhelming number of interactions, tracking and managing this product-related feedback becomes a tough task, with the added risk of overlooking vital inputs.

Zeda.io tackles this challenge head-on by automatically identifying and capturing feedback from customer conversations across various platforms. The best part is that you can effortlessly identify product related queries or feedback with the help of AI.

This eliminates the need for manual support ticket analysis and tracking, saving valuable time and effort. Insights are generated in minutes and readily available for prioritization for you.

With Zeda.io at your side, bid farewell to the hassle of managing customer support tickets and streamline your processes effortlessly.

Auto-Analyze Customer Queries for Actionable Insights

Engaging with customers, gathering feedback, and deriving product insights are integral to building a product that resonates with customer needs. However, managing numerous conversations can make prioritization and decision-making daunting.

Zeda.io has the solution.

By automatically capturing and analyzing customer queries from your support platforms like Intercom, Zendesk, Zeda.io generates valuable product insights using AI technology. It offers a comprehensive view of support feedback, allowing you to generate personalized reports by filtering sources(support platforms) and helping you make informed product decisions.

By reducing product-related queries and enhancing support team efficiency, Zeda.io redirects focus towards proactive product enhancements, ultimately elevating the overall user experience.

In summary, Zeda.io's AI capabilities revolutionize the process of effortlessly capturing and analyzing customer feedback from support platforms like Intercom and Zendesk. Now, customer support teams can reallocate their time towards innovation, leaving manual feedback analysis in the past. So, are you ready to reduce your support tickets and make customer-centric impactful moves? Learn more about how Zeda.io can help you.

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