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A Product Manager's Key to Master Feature Planning with Zeda.io

Product Marketer

Riya Handique

Created on:

February 21, 2024

Updated on:

February 21, 2024

5 mins read

A Product Manager's Key to Master Feature Planning with Zeda.io
A 2023 Product Management Survey by Product School revealed that 52% of product managers feel unprepared to handle the ever-growing complexity of feature management. This includes challenges like tracking progress, prioritizing effectively, and ensuring alignment across teams.

As product managers, you spend majority of time wrangling features – buried in spreadsheets, sifting through feedback, and battling conflicting priorities. This feature frenzy leaves you exhausted, overwhelmed, and frankly, unable to build the amazing products your users deserve.

Imagine this:

  • Feature chaos: Random features added piecemeal, based on gut feelings or fleeting trends. Your team is confused, frustrated, and wondering what you're building.
  • Feature harmony: Strategic objectives guide feature development. Each feature addresses a specific user need, seamlessly aligning with your overall product vision.

Zeda.io's revamped Features dashboard is more than just an intuitive interface; it's a strategic command center transforming the former into the latter.

Introducing Features 2.0 by Zeda.io

→ Define your major objectives, break them down into actionable features, and chart a clear path to product success.

→ Save time with dedicated templates for product portfolio, business impact, and strategy, all in one central location.

→ Tired of sifting through irrelevant data? Focus on what matters most with advanced filters that let you slice and dice information with ease.

Let’s dive in!

All-new 3-level hierarchy with Objectives

The goal is to enable product managers to create and track product objectives from your feature backlog and guide your product decisions effectively.

Leverage the 3 level hierarchy to define your product strategy with Objectives → Idea → Features — where objectives are your high level goals that you want to achieve, ideas are basically the approaches to achieve the objective and features are the specific things that you wish to ship.

Dynamic views with tabs-on-top navigation

Zeda.io's dynamic views of your feature-planning let you navigate your product landscape with ease.

With different views, track anything — from progress towards critical objectives to customer impact, from prioritizing effortlessly with popular frameworks or your own custom approach, to managing a portfolio of your products. It’s simple.

Advanced filters to level up your search

Use advanced filters to combine multiple fields and define complex logics for narrowing down your search results and finding exactly what you need.

For example, you could use an advanced filter to find all products that were created by you or assigned to you, but are not the "Sample Product 1". This type of filter can be very useful for finding specific groups of features that meet your needs.

Powerful customizations & control

Beyond these, unleash the full potential of your feature views with Actions and Display Options.

Actions tab — Control your entire product landscape directly from Actions. Create, view, and update products, effortlessly navigate status options, and implement prioritization frameworks to align features with your vision.

Display Options — Craft the perfect feature landscape that fits your unique needs. Choose between hierarchical layouts to organize your features in a way that resonates with you. Decide which feature columns to showcase and in what order, all without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Ready for the plunge?

Zeda.io's revamped Features Dashboard is your secret weapon for building the right products, driven by user feedback and guided by informed decisions. Now you can —

→ Spend less time searching and more time strategizing.

→ Track progress efficiently and adapt to changing needs.

→ Align stakeholders and teams with a shared understanding.

Book a walkthrough or simply sign up to set up your Features dashboard on Zeda.io and ship products faster — and smarter.

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