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September 16, 2022
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A Product manager’s job is fast-paced and interesting. There is always something new to deal with, and no two days are ever alike. However, here are a few things that most product managers wish they had known when they started out.

There is nothing wrong with asking for assistance

Many a time, asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness. You are wrong.
Barack Obama does it, you should too.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. I do that every day. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength. It shows you have the courage to admit when you don’t know something, and to learn something new- Barack Obama

Your roadmaps will evolve

Product Roadmap will evolve

Quite frequently, your Roadmaps and strategies will change. You may become discouraged as a result of this. Don’t get too tied to your plan. Instead, keep focused on your long-term objectives. That will help you grasp the reasoning behind the majority of modifications. ​

Understand when enough is enough

Prior to formally creating products,  despite an organization’s best attempts to evaluate initiatives, not all products continue to make sense once they are initiated. When a team starts building a product and invests in the early  work (i.e., defining the scope, gathering requirements, and building out the design), they start to see the vision come to life.

Perception is as important as purpose and action

Product Perception

Most of the workplaces have restrictions that prohibit every product from being worked on and, in some circumstances, products from being completed as fast or thoroughly as intended. This frequently results in a highly heated atmosphere, with stakeholders interested in what is prioritized and why.

Over time, one realizes that many people will have an opinion about your idea. By being aware of how people in the organization see the product, you may assist alleviate these difficulties by determining how to approach and meet with individuals who have reservations. It may be as easy as keeping them updated on the development of your product or discussing some benefits of the product to them.

Recognizing your team’s efforts will aid in keeping things moving

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a product manager is overcoming difficulties and meeting the product objectives. However, you would not have reached this point without the aid of your team. This is why you must acknowledge their contributions and celebrate their accomplishments.

Product manager recognizing team’s efforts

You should never bear the entire weight of the world on your shoulders. When making major decisions, such as how to convey bad news or making a huge purchase, consult important members of your team. People, in most situations, have various methods of presenting information and viewing things. By conversing with others, you will be able to fully examine all of your alternatives, allowing you to make the greatest decision.

Don’t run away from danger

This is one of the most crucial things you should learn right away! Every endeavor involves some level of risk, and one of the worst things you can do is try to avoid it. Dealing with a risk after it has become a reality is a serious issue that can entirely derail your product plan. Instead, you must confront dangers straight on. Find out what are the potential stumbling blocks to your project. And sometimes, to create value via your product, risk becomes a crucial factor of the product management.

Product management is more than simply being a taskmaster; it is also about empowering and helping people by recognizing their strengths and limitations. And it’s about wielding enough power to gain buy-in and keep everyone focused on the same goal. A good product manager is also responsible for ensuring that the product vision and the product team are in sync. This necessitates linking day-to-day activities to the larger plan so that

a) product is appropriately prioritized and

b) the extended team understands – and is inspired by – the eventual effect of their work.

In summary, you must inspire teammates by clearly explaining the broad picture and why it is important to consumers and the firm; and then you must assist each team member in doing their best job supporting your common goals.

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