New features have arrived — Build great products with everyone

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Jacob Koshy

Created on:

January 11, 2024

Updated on:

February 2, 2023

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New features have arrived — Build great products with everyone

We're always working on new features to help you build great products with everyone. Really excited to share some new stuff that, we believe, could simplify product management for you.

Here's what's new to get excited about on

1. Do more with company roadmap

  • Easily share company roadmap with anyone via public link
  • Create milestones and align your team towards goals
  • Use custom fields to group company roadmap to themes like sprints, releases, KRs, etc.

2. Organize your features better

  • Map your features to fields like sprints, and releases using custom fields
  • Customize status, importance and type fields of a feature
  • Link your modules and web links directly to features to organize product data on a granular level


3. will now talk to JIRA

  • Collaborate seamlessly with your engineering team with JIRA integration
  • Turn features on into JIRA issues and get live updates on their status in your product dashboard

4. Building together made easy with Slack integration

  • Quickly turn Slack messages into backlog requests or features in
  • Keep your team in the loop by sending release notes to any Slack channel

5. Collect rich feedback easily

  • Use the embeddable feedback widget to enable your users to share their feedback
  • Feedback widget lets users capture & annotate screenshots, and record their screen so your team can get rich feedback

6. Document everything with a rich document editor

  • Embed weblinks and see quick previews inside your documents
  • Mention users in documents and even add code snippets for better collaboration

7. Zendesk integration

  • Enable your support teams to forward bugs, feedback and feature requests to backlog directly from Zendesk.

8. Stay on top of your goals with OKR

  • With OKR, you can define measurable goals, align your team to the goals, and track regular progress.

Have some feedback or want to suggest a new feature? Let us know using this feedback link.
We're still working on some cool stuff, and we will let you know when it's ready.


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