Product Management Conferences for 2023

January 31, 2023
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Product management conferences help product managers (PMs) in the following ways:

  1. Staying up to date with the industry trends: Product management evolves with new technologies and requirements of the people. These changes and their impacts are usually discussed at these conferences.
  2. Networking with other product people: Product management conferences bring PMs from various fields and backgrounds to one place, offering everyone an opportunity to network with product designers, marketers, and managers.
  3. Learning new and improving existing skills: Some of the best product management conferences in 2023 (listed below) have seminars and live workshops where you can learn new and polish existing skills.

Let’s look at the ten best product management conferences for 2023 that will help you with the above three.

1. ProductWorld - February 15-23, 2023

Product World 2023

Product world in a snapshot...
Location Date Entry fees
SF Bay Area, USA and Virtual Live: Feb 15-17
Virtual: Feb 21-23
Open Pass begins at $100.
Register here.

ProductWorld is one of the largest product manager conferences in the world where nearly 10,000 professionals converge to share success stories and insights from their experiences and listen to some of the best PMs from Silicon Valley.

The event will be both in-person and virtual. The in-person event will be conducted in the San Francisco Bay Area from Feb 15-17 and the virtual event from Feb 21-23. Both kinds of events will have conferences, workshops, and expos.

PMs can learn about agile, prototyping, new technologies, team management, and best hiring practices while networking with fellow professionals. ProductWorld also features roundtable talks where you have an opportunity to engage with the speakers and other PMs directly.

In 2023, some of the notable speakers in ProductWorld are: 

  • Hersh Tapadia, co-founder and CEO of Allstacks
  • Gabriel Birnbaum, Product Designer at Substacks
  • Justin Bauer, Chief Product Officer at Amplitude
  • Ketaki Vaidya, Product Manager - AI at Oracle

Register for ProductWorld.

2. ProductCon London [+ three more events] - Feb 21, 2023

Product Con 2023

ProductCon in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
London, UK Feb 21 General Admission costs £599.00 plus taxes.
Online admission is free.
Register here.

ProductCon is definitely the largest product management conference in terms of the number of attendees. Over 100,000 virtual and in-person professionals attend the ProductCon throughout all four conferences.

The first of four will be held in London on Feb 21. The day-long event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and seminars featuring product managers, chief product officers, and VPs of products from different industries and diverse backgrounds.

Regarded as one of the best product management conferences of 2023, ProductCon gives you great opportunities to network with product professionals from Fortune 500 companies and successful startups.

Some notable keynote speakers of ProductCon London 2023 are:

  • Ben Retourné, VP of Product and Design at BlaBlaCar
  • Vijay Iyengar, Director of Product at Mixpanel
  • Georgie Smallwood, Chief Product Officer at Tier

Register for ProductCon, London.

3. UX & Product Management Case Study Conference by Front - April 26-28, 2023

UX and Product Management Case Study Conference 2023

UX and Product Management Case Study Conference in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
Salt Lake City, USA April 26-28 Access the full conference for $400.
Register here.

The UX & Product Management Case Study Conference by Front aims to help product managers build better products. Over 800 product professionals discuss how they can improve their processes by learning from those who got it right.

This product management conference is a live, in-person, three-day event in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has events for product people at all levels. Apart from highly technical how-to discussions, you can look forward to inspirational and reflective talks where you can learn how to manage controlled chaos, improve team collaboration, and foster change.

Rather than a series of generalized keynote speeches discussing various approaches to product management, Front’s event focuses on specific problems that you might encounter during a sprint. Some of the featured speakers are:

  • Ingrid Cruz, Head of Product Design at Fullstory
  • Nate Sanders, CEO of Artifact
  • Drew Bridewell, Head of Product and Design at GrowthDay

Register for Front.

4. INDUSTRY: The Product Conference - March 20-22, 2023 (Europe) and October 2-4, 2023 (United States)

industry 2023

INDUSTRY: The Product Conference in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
Dublin, Ireland March 20-22 Access the conference for €995.
Register here.

INDUSTRY recognizes that most software product managers haven’t gone to school to pick up skills for their careers. Most product managers have learned the ropes through experience and self-learning.

The Product Conference by INDUSTRY hosts two three-day conferences for product managers where they can get answers to their specific questions.

With over 600 attendees from over 15 countries, this product management conference has over 20 sessions with PMs from various industries and live workshops to make the learning process more hands-on.

This year’s speakers at INDUSTRY’s conference include:

  • Michael Sacca, Chief Product Officer at Dribbble
  • Kimen Warner, VP of Product Management at Drift
  • Varun Parmar, Chief Product Officer at Miro

Register for The Product Conference.

5. The New York Product Conference - May 4, 2023

The New York Product Conference 2023

The New York Product Conference in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
New York, USA May 4 General admission costs $645.
Register here.

The New York Product Conference is a great option for busy product managers who find it difficult to take three days out of their calendar for a product management conference in 2023.

This one-day event has 12 speakers and eight Q&A sessions. After the scheduled events, you can spend plenty of time interacting with other PMs to share insights and expand your network.

Furthermore, the event’s organizing team sends you a set of notes summarizing the area of discussion in each keynote speech and discussion. This will help you get the most out of the whole event where you just spent a day.

In 2023, some speakers at The New York Product Conference are:

  • Stephanie Musat, Staff Product Manager at HBO Max
  • Prerna Singh, VP of Product Management at Meetup
  • Adam Thomas, Lead Product Manager at SmartRecruiters

Register for The NY Product Conference.

6. ‍Forrester’s B2B Summit North America - June 5-7, 2023

Forrester's B2B Summit North America 2023

Forrester’s B2B Summit North America in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
Austin, USA and virtual June 5-7 Early bird fees for clients are available for $3,395.
Register here.

Forrester has been helping product-led teams through world-class content, statistical research, and also through live product management conferences in 2023.

The B2B Summit North America is a three-day event where product experts from multiple industries will discuss the factors which are drastically affecting the B2B product landscape and how companies can navigate through it with purpose and skill.

Although this year’s speaker list is yet to be revealed, Forrester’s 2022 B2B Summit featured speakers from successful product-led brands such as Wrike, Google, Dell Technologies, and Brightcove.

Register for Forrester’s B2B Summit North America.

7. Product-Led Summit - Sept 19-20, 2023

Product-Led Summit 2023

Product-Led Summit in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
San Francisco, USA September 19 - 20 The Gold Ticket costs $895.
Register here.

As the name suggests, the Product-Led Summit is a conference where product developers, designers, founders, gurus, etc., bring their ideas, suggestions, and insights about product-led growth. So whether you are just starting out or an experienced professional, this product management conference of 2023 has something for you.

Product-Led Summit is a two-day event held in San Francisco featuring 30 speakers. There are over 150 attendees from over 75 companies all over the world. This year’s speakers include:

  • Prateek Batla, Senior Product Manager at Adobe
  • Divya Moolrajani, Senior Product Manager at PayPal
  • Daniel Thomason, Product Manager at Google

Register for Product-Led Summit.

8. Product at Heart - June 28-30, 2023

Product at heart 2023

Product at Heart in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
Hamburg, Germany June 28-30 The conference ticket costs €699.
Register here.

Renamed from MTP (Mind the Product) Engage, Product at Heart is a live three-day event aimed at curious product people who are always looking for something more.

Held in Hamburg, the product management conference dedicates the first day to product leaders, the second day to hands-on workshops, and the third day to their concluding conference.

So far, the names of two speakers have been revealed for 2023:

  • Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach and author of Continuous Discovery Habits
  • Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX

… with more being added progressively.

Register for Product at Heart.

9. Atlassian Team - April 18-20, 2023

Atlassian Team 2023

Atlassian Team ‘23 in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
Las Vegas, USA and virtual April 18-20 The in-person pass costs $750.
Virtual passes are free.
Register here.

Atlassian has helped many brands build products their customers love through tools, ideas, and data. Atlassian Team is an annual event where they make it all about product teams: process, prioritization, collaboration, and culture.

The three-day event in Las Vegas focuses on all areas of improvement that helps product people work efficiently. Apart from the technical how-tos, you will also learn about the “human element” at this product management conference.

Although the list of authors has not been made public yet, Atlassian Team ‘22 featured speakers from The Walt Disney Company, Atlassian, and Adaptavist.

Register for Atlassian Team ‘23 here.

10. SaaStr Annual - Sep 6-8, 2023

SaaStr Annual 2023

SaaStr Annual 2023 in a snapshot…
Location Date Entry fees
San Francisco Bay Area, USA September 6-8 All Access tickets for startups cost $849.
Register here.

SaaStr Annual is a festival for founders, VCs, VPs, and of course product people who are part of companies that exist on the cloud. 

Regarded as the “Super Bowl” for product-led brands by Eric Yuan (CEO at Zoom), it is a place where everything related to SaaS product management happens including workshops, seminars, keynote speeches, networking sessions, and more.

Regarded as one of the best product management conferences, SaaStr offers great education through seminars and product pitches, networking events through roundtables and 1:1 sessions, and funding opportunities through live pitching events.

With over 12000 attendees, SaaStr Annual offers something to everyone. Held at the San Francisco Bay Area, some past speakers at this product management conference are:

  • Anu Hariharan, Managing Director at Y Combinator
  • Brad Hoover, CEO at Grammarly
  • Ben Chestnut, CEO at Mailchimp

Register for SaaStr Annual 2023.

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  1. What is ProductCon?

Answer: ProductCon is one of the best product management conferences in the world which hosts four events per year. The first ProductCon of 2023 will be held in London on Feb 21.

  1. What are the best product management conferences in 2023?

Answer: ProductCon, ProductWorld, Product at Heart, and SaaStr Annual are some of the best product management conferences in 2023.

  1. What are the best product management conferences in Europe?

Answer: ProductCon, INDUSTRY: The Product Conference, and Product at Heart are some of the best product management conferences in Europe.

  1. What are the best product management conferences in the US?

Answer: ProductWorld, UX and Product Management Case Study Conference by Front, INDUSTRY, Forrester’s B2B Summit, and Atlassian Team are some of the best product management conferences in the US.

  1. Are product management conferences useful?

Answer: Product management conferences can be useful for gaining practical knowledge from experts around the world and for building your network in this field.

  1. What are the best virtual product management conferences of 2023?

Answer: ProductWorld, Forrester’s B2B Summit, and Atlassian Team are some of the best virtual product management conferences of 2023.

  1. Why should PMs attend product management conferences?

Answer: Learning, professional development, networking, staying updated, inspiration, and motivation are some of the crucial reasons why PMs should attend product management conferences.


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