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Feature prioritization tool to understand which features matter most and why

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Built exclusively for Product Managers. All the tools are available in one single platform. No need to switch between different tools and documents

Gokul Prabhu

Product Manager @Nimblewireless

Understand the root cause

With User Research, talk to customers to understand the "Why" behind their request.

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Tarun Valecha
Co-Founder @Meznik is fully customizable and has many features that help you to collect feedback, analyze requests, and prioritize effectively. will surely help product managers cut down on their operational work.
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Groom the requests

With built-in grooming, have clarity on your requests, prioritize better and convert requests into actionable tickets so your dev and design teams can take them forward.

Build a truly agile process by mapping these requests to your product goals and adding them to the live roadmap.

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Keyur Dhamelia
Product Lead will help product teams ship what their users are asking for, what stakeholders want, and what the team is on board with. It is that easy!
Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Automate intelligently

With built-in intelligence, you can save time by automating requests based on customers, source, tags and NLP.

Learn about other products is the smarter, easier, more efficient way to manage product lifecycle

Everything a Product Manager needs, now in one place is the smarter, simpler, and more efficient way to plan and execute your product management with your stakeholders