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24 Product Folks to watch out in 2024

Radhika Nyati

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June 6, 2024

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June 6, 2024

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24 Product Folks to watch out in 2024

How many of you have felt the need to just have someone to look up to or someone to observe and learn from their experiences? 

Often, we tend to admire and follow individuals simply because our friends mention them. However, for those who are beginning their journey and frequently seek solutions to basic issues as product managers or leaders, we have specially compiled a list. This list is designed to introduce you to the product folks we are keeping an eye on in the year 2024.

We believe that these folks have made a significant impact as product leaders, managers, authors, coaches or mentors and will continue to do so this year and beyond. 

Daniel Dalton

Head of Product & Design, Flock

Recognized as a 'One to Watch' by the Product-Led Alliance and a prominent speaker at Product School, also contributing to Product Craft, he stands out as a dynamic and inspiring product leader, coach, and speaker. With 13 years of experience, he has played a pivotal role in fostering growth within various international organizations. Known for his innovative approach and contagious leadership style, he is always prepared to tackle new challenges.

Esteban Contreras

VP of Product, Fleetio

He has an extensive 16-year background in developing and scaling SaaS products that are both popular with customers and impactful for businesses. He is a product leader renowned for their strategic and innovative approaches, capable of growing teams in diverse environments and stages. In addition to his leadership role, he has advised tech startups across various sectors and has been a speaker at notable industry events. He is also the author of 'Prod Https:// uct State,' a newsletter offering insights on product strategy and innovation. 

Leah Tharin

Co-Founder (BedFables) & Advisor (Notion Capital, NorthOne, Paddle)

She focuses on bringing B2B SaaS into the spotlight of product-led growth and retention. She advises organizations on aligning growth, product, marketing, and sales strategies to scale either up or down the market. She works in the operational details and not the hypothetical clouds with her clients. She writes about it all on

Kyle Poyar

Operating Partner, OpenView

He is all about helping companies by fueling growth and making them market leaders. His specific areas of interest include product-led growth (PLG), pricing & packaging, go-to-market strategy, SaaS benchmarks and value-add in VC. You can check out his thoughts on SaaS growth by subscribing to Growth Unhinged, his weekly newsletter:

Elena Verna

Head of Growth & Data, Dropbox

She calls herself as a “Growth Hobbyist” and is obsessed with B2B Product- led growth and sales. She spends her time creating courses, advising companies, taking the occasional interim gig, and angel investing. She has helped companies like SurveyMonkey, Miro, Amplitude, Dropbox, MongoDB,, Netlify, Clockwise, and many more.

Enzo Avigo

CEO, June

He has spent the last ten years in Product Management and has made an important observation: “lots of tech companies don't really know how people use their products.” This realization led him to start "June." Additionally, he writes about effective product management strategies in the pre-Product/Market Fit phase and is also in the process of releasing a book soon. 

Aakash Gupta

Chief Writer, Product Growth

He authors a newsletter targeted at product managers, product leaders, and those aspiring to enter the field of product management.His primary focus is on providing practical, in-depth advice to enhance your career.The content encompasses thorough analyses of tech companies' product strategies, detailed examinations of various product areas, insights into product analytics, and guidance on interview techniques to help you land your next job. You can find more at

Christine Itwaru

Head of Product Management,

With over 13 years of experience, she has grown in the field of Product Management and Product Ops. She has a deep passion for the product domain and actively engages in the community to help product professionals improve their skills. Her journey includes hands-on experience in building products, leading teams, creating new roles, and consistently focusing on cross-functional collaboration, communication, and customer-centric approaches. She believes that the strengths and weaknesses of a team are reflected in their product as perceived by customers. 

Tatyana Mamut

Board of Director, Sauce labs

She is an experienced Board Director for fast-growing tech companies, with expertise in NYSE IPOs. An advisor and speaker on AI and the future of humanity, known for her transformative leadership in technology. Her approach emphasizes foresight, customer focus, and team building, with a belief that humans shape the future with technology as a tool. She is also an advisor for, Riverwood Capital and 24 & up. 

Sonakshi Nathak

Product Manager | Publishing, Homa

She specializes in creating digital products that address real-world issues and leading cross-functional teams to collective success. With over 8 years of experience in SAAS, her career has spanned various sectors, including AI/ML, E-commerce, Ed-Tech, and now Gaming. Her approach involves utilizing fresh perspectives, questioning existing assumptions, and achieving tangible outcomes.

Marily Nika

Founder, AI Product Academy

Located in Silicon Valley, Dr. Marily Nika is a renowned AI Product Management expert and one of the leading AI educators globally, with over a decade of experience at Google and Meta, backed by a PhD in Machine Learning. Marily has developed the top-rated AI Product Course on Maven and pioneered the first AI Product Bootcamp, available at Maven. She also shares her knowledge through her writing at her Substack page. As a prominent keynote speaker, including TED AI and three TEDx talks, Marily has been frequently honored for her significant contributions to AI and technology.

Karandeep Anand

Chief Product officer, Brex

With a fervent interest in developing new products and penetrating emerging markets, he brings 18 years of expertise in establishing, nurturing, and scaling high-performing teams. He has a proven leadership history in devising strategies for entering new markets and assembling global teams poised for success. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is actively involved in co-investing and mentoring startups. He enjoys dedicating his time to entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. 

Parv Sondhi

Product Manager, Vida

His primary goal is to develop scalable, cutting-edge solutions that utilize machine learning to elevate user experiences and outcomes on various mobile and web platforms. Additionally, he has imparted knowledge and guidance to budding product managers at UC Berkeley and co-created PM Mentors, a platform fostering connections between product industry experts and learners. His passion for disseminating his expertise and reflecting on product management is channeled through his podcast and newsletter, as well as his contributions on Medium. For more information, visit Trying to Product.

Carl Velotti

Senior Product manager, GoodRX

He is a senior product manager who loves solving problems and helping people solve their problems. He is also an active PM content creator on Linkedin and Twitter (@carlvellotti). Tired of beginner-level PM fluff on Linkedin? He has got you → advanced PM content, memes, and awesome resources that he builds and gives away for free.

Phil Araujo

Growth Product Manager and Innovation Manager, Phil Araujo - Product Heroes

He is a seasoned senior mobile product manager with 12 years of experience in initiating, organizing, and leading the development of various applications. His approach to the end-to-end process is comprehensive, incorporating lean startup methodologies, design thinking, and product design. He prioritizes primary data to guide the creation of feature roadmaps. 

Denny Klisch

Director Platform Product Management, Ioki

He has transitioned from a Project Manager to a Product Manager / Agile Lead, with a passion for collaborating with teams on exciting software products. A recent achievement of his involves aiding the company in recognizing business opportunities to reduce potential risks. Currently, he is focused on improving the Product Management tools and methodologies to drive further business growth.

Pawel Huryn

Senior Product Manager, iDeals

He is an author and product coach, recognized as the top Product Manager globally according to Favikon's ranking. Product management is his main passion, but in his leisure time, he enjoys exploring the mysteries of the Universe, drawing inspiration from the likes of John Michael Godier and Isaac Arthur. Additionally, he conducts a Continuous Product Discovery Masterclass that facilitates the easy discovery and validation of prime product ideas.

Pat Bergstresser

Senior Product Manager, Zillow

An adept product leader, he excels in analytical thinking and data mastery, coupled with the skill to craft product visions and strategies to achieve them. His approach involves guiding teams to address problems fundamentally, using data and customer research, ultimately resulting in sophisticated, customer-focused product solutions. You can check out his podcast for transitioning military service members here

Anvisha Pai

Founder (CPO), Dover

A founder, product specialist, angel investor, and engineer driven by a passion for creating outstanding products that simplify work. She is an alumna of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is currently developing a comprehensive recruiting platform designed to assist companies in creating a top-tier recruitment experience. Recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for enterprise software.

Shyvee Shi

Product Lead, Linkedin

Shyvee is an expert in digital transformation and product management with a decade of experience, having worked with major companies like Telstra, HSBC, and Disney. She currently serves as a Product Lead at LinkedIn and is a respected instructor at LinkedIn Learning, known for her mentorship and career guidance. As a renowned speaker, she has presented at various top universities and Fortune 1000 companies, and she maintains an active, influential presence on LinkedIn, offering valuable insights in product management and career advice. She has just completed a book focused on building generative AI products, which will be tentatively released on 8th Jan, 2024.

Lisa Zane

Director of Product, Rakuten Kobo Inc

She is committed to assisting teams in developing ethical, holistic, and sustainable products and careers through individual coaching, writing, and creating practical tools. With a background as a Senior Product Leader and former Google Product Manager, she has 10 years of experience in product development, particularly in pioneering early-stage startups in the digital health and wearables sectors. Her expertise includes working on a diverse range of projects, from software like mobile apps to hardware such as smart glasses, often in complex and uncertain environments. You can check out her writings at:

Andre Albuquerque

Founder (One Month PM,,

A seasoned professional with extensive experience in leading various aspects of product development, including management, design, engineering, growth, marketing, and operations. His background spans across different startup stages, managing teams in small to medium-sized companies, and focusing on areas like marketplaces, SaaS, and product-led growth. He founded his own successful company and is currently leading product, design, and research at Kitch, contributing to its acquisition by Glovo/Delivery Hero. Additionally, he runs a product manager training program, teaches at a university, advises at Shilling Capital, and shares my expertise on early-stage product development online. 

Vipul C

Product, Cointracker

He has created meaningful products alongside incredible teams. His passion lies in developing solutions that provide equal opportunities for the underprivileged and crafting experiences that bring joy. Beyond these pursuits, he finds fulfillment in mentoring students passionate about technology and product management, dedicating time to volunteer work, and indulging in a love for history.

Aakash Mehta

Product Leader, Phyllo

The intense curiosity about everything, whether heard, seen, felt, or experienced, has shaped him over the years. It has transformed him into an enthusiastic learner and a dedicated leader. These traits have been crucial in his daily journey of improving as a product manager. His objectives are centered on creating outstanding products and fostering teams that aim to make a significant impact. He measures his success metrics by the number of people he motivates to excel in their work and lead satisfying lives. 

Although we've identified these individuals for our 2024 watch list, we're certain you have others in mind. Please share them in the comments and let us know!

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