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Leveraging VoC-driven AI Insights to Build Revenue-generating Products

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Athira V S

Created on:

May 27, 2024

Updated on:

May 27, 2024

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Leveraging VoC-driven AI Insights to Build Revenue-generating Products

Since its inception, Zeda.io has had the vision of empowering product teams with data-driven insights and making product management effortless. With each release, we continuously strive to enhance our product to enrich the lives of product managers.

In our previous release, we strived to tackle one of the most significant challenges faced by product managers: what to build next. Following conversations with 200+ product leaders worldwide, it became evident that there was a crucial need to assist product managers in product discovery using AI. Thus, Zeda.io 2.0 happened!

The launch of Zeda.io 2.0 had a very positive reception, motivating us to elevate our efforts further.

Our mission remains steadfast in providing product teams with the necessary tools to innovate boundlessly, automate routine tasks, and drive impactful outcomes. This mission drives our upcoming launch, which marks a significant leap in the transformation of product management through AI insights.

After conducting extensive research and engaging with numerous product teams, we proudly introduce AI Insights 2.0 by Zeda.io. This redefined version is designed to streamline feedback automation and enhance data analysis capabilities.

Here's a breakdown of the key enhancements:

Auto-capture Insights from Customer Conversations

Feedback serves as the cornerstone of product development, guiding teams to create products that truly resonate with users. However, as technology evolves, so does the way we collect and interpret feedback.  The volume of data is now so large that it can be hard to manage manually, making it difficult to extract valuable customer insights.

Zeda.io's auto-capture solution for customer conversations is the perfect solution for this dilemma. By automatically capturing snippets of customer conversations from sources like Intercom, Slack, etc., we eliminate the need for any manual effort from your end. 

Moreover, our AI technology swiftly decodes customer conversations, identifying valuable feedback within seconds across popular communication channels like Slack and Intercom. With Zeda.io, no valuable feedback will slip through the cracks.

Slice & Dice Insights into Key Product Areas

While capturing and centralizing feedback is crucial, the true value lies in deriving actionable insights. Zeda.io facilitates the slicing & dicing of customer feedback to generate actionable insights for key product areas to focus on. 

Our comprehensive AI-generated reports delve into various aspects such as key product areas to focus on, categorized insights, customer sentiments, most requested features, and more -- with a sharp eye on revenue implications.

This holistic view ushers product teams to identify areas of improvement and understand the underlying reasons behind customer issues. Additionally, users gain access to valuable feedback trends, revenue implications, and impacted companies.

Product teams like yours can leverage these AI-driven insights to make informed decisions that drive impact. 

Identify Lost and New Revenue with a Glance

Balancing customer-centricity with revenue goals is always a challenge. Fortunately, Zeda.io provides a solution. Our AI-powered insights enable you to pinpoint both new revenue opportunities and churn reasons effortlessly.

You'll gain visibility into customer signals that directly impact revenue through the insights dashboard. This empowers you to prioritize actions that prevent customer churn and capitalize on features that elevate revenue generation.

With these actionable insights, you can strategize more effectively and achieve better financial outcomes.

Make Big Bets Backed by Data

A prevalent dilemma highlighted in our research is the need for more confidence in making significant decisions without relevant data to support them. Undoubtedly, this resonates with many in the product management sphere.

Recognizing this challenge, we've meticulously designed our insights dashboard to address it head-on. No longer will your decisions be driven by mere intuition or arbitrary stakeholder opinions. With Zeda.io, every insight pushed out by our AI is backed by relevant customer feedback data.

Our platform allows you to trace the origin of each insight, enabling you to validate its accuracy and relevance. Armed with this comprehensive data, you can confidently make informed decisions that can potentially transform your product's trajectory.

Close Feedback Loop 10x Faster

Being customer-centric is about more than just making feedback-driven decisions. It is also about making your users feel valued and heard. This is one major reason why closing the feedback loop is pivotal.

Usually, especially when you have a larger customer base, it is hard to update your customers when you have picked up their requests and built the features they asked for.

Guess what?! Zeda.io makes it easier to do this with minimum manual work! You can use AI-generated release notes to keep your customers updated about the latest product developments. Moreover, you can automatically update your customers when a feature is picked up through different communication channels like email, Slack, etc.

Leverage Personalized AI Insights Templates (Coming Soon)

We are brewing new additions to make product managers' lives even more effortless than ever. We are soon going to release personalized AI insights templates so you can focus on what you wish to prioritize. Set your priorities and leverage personalized AI insights templates to focus on what is important to you.

This can be a game-changer as it would cater to your unique needs and pave the way for your customer-centric product-led growth.

Why Choose Zeda.io?

If you are still wondering why you should choose Zeda.io over multiple product management tools, let us shed some light on that. The key aspect that sets Zeda.io apart from others is that you can manage the entire product management cycle through Zeda.io. Believe us, AI Insights 2.0 is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • With Zeda.io, you can capture customers' voices and generate insights within minutes, saving hours of sifting through feedback.
  • With the insights generated, you can understand which product areas to focus on and why you need to focus. Moreover, you get an overview of the top complaints, trending requests, customer sentiments, revenue opportunities, and churn reasons. In this way, you can retain your customers without any loss and keep them satisfied with your product.
  • Insights enable you to discover revenue growth opportunities, helping you improve your revenue streams by 10x.

But your quest to improve the product and automate the product management process through Zeda.io doesn’t end there. 

  • You can automatically transform insights into well-defined Jira tickets and initial draft specs, overcoming PM writer's block and bridging your work with the development team.
  • Besides, you can create revenue-focused roadmaps with the insights you generate, allowing you to strategize your product journey by striking the perfect balance between business goals and customer satisfaction.
  • And finally, you can close the loop and keep your customers updated and valued through AI-generated release notes. Convert shipped features into comprehensive updates for customers and teams, boosting product adoption and enhancing NPS.

In short, with Zeda.io, you manage multiple phases of product management without sifting through multiple apps or switching contexts.

So, are you ready to take product management to the next level? Start using Zeda.io for 4x better product discovery and to boost your revenue by 50% (14-day free trial included)!

Learn more about the new release here!

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