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May 2, 2023
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Let's face it, finding the right problem to solve isn't a cakewalk. Our team has talked to 80 product leaders and managers across the globe to understand if it actually is true. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Netflix also have failed in product discovery at some point in their journey. In scenarios like this is when Zeda.io comes in, a product discovery and strategy platform that helps product leaders identify problems to solve for customers.

Why is Product Discovery a Major Hurdle?

Regardless of your business's stage, product discovery is a huge stumbling block. Yet, you must check the product discovery process off your list before starting your business growth journey.

Product teams spend countless cycles discovering the real-life problem that needs to be solved. Throughout the product discovery and product development process, a myriad of product discovery questions may arise:

  1. What is the problem you want to solve?
  2. Does the problem you identified worth solving?
  3. Does the business have the resources to build the solution?
  4. Will the solution be valuable to potential customers?
  5. What is the revenue impact of the solution?

Product discovery is all about finding answers to these product discovery questions. It involves finding the right problem to solve, uncovering opportunities for growth, validating your ideas, tackling usability risk and value risk, prioritizing the right feature idea, and measuring the business impact.

Embracing a Customer-Centric Approach

Over the years, the product development process has undergone significant changes. From Waterfall to Agile to Design Thinking to OKRs, product development processes have evolved through the years. 

In recent years, businesses have shifted toward more user-centered methodologies, emphasizing the need to build products that customers ‘want.' With the adaption towards more user-centered methods, we could see changes in product user experience. 

Even with an existing product that resonates with your target audience, you must keep refining the product to stay relevant. To achieve that, you must indulge in continuous product discovery to keep refining with the customers' ever-changing needs. 

An exemplary product discovery process will lead you to a product that strikes a fine balance between business value and customer value.  However, the product discovery process is more complex than it seems. 

Despite the thorough market, competitive, and customer research, some products fail due to customer unawareness or product teams’ incorrect calculations, leading to zero-value products. Therefore, gathering valuable customer insights, evaluating them collaboratively, and working toward creating a valuable product is essential. 

Zeda.io can be your ultimate tool for initiating your customer-centric product development journey! The following sections will explain how.

Define the Product Journey

Over time, businesses realized the importance of an outcome-based product development approach. This realization lured them toward fast learning methodologies emphasizing the importance of answering vital questions early in product development. 

Data has a significant impact on product discovery and outcome-based product development processes. It's crucial to use a variety of data sets for ongoing learning and improvement at each stage of product discovery because the process isn't linear. By incorporating customer feedback into your product, iterating continuously, and adapting as necessary, you can better meet your customer's needs and provide long-term value. 

However, here we may encounter a concern; the lack of access to quality data and analysis. Read on to learn how you can tackle this concern. 

Cross Your Product Discovery Milestones with Zeda.io

Zeda.io is a product discovery and strategy platform that helps top product managers, and leaders identify problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next based on actionable product intelligence using AI, and create product strategies to drive business outcomes.

So, how does Zeda.io help you solve the product discovery puzzle? Let us break it down for you.

Kick-start your Customer-centric Product Development Journey

Centralize Feedback

Customer insights are essential for fruitful product discovery. You can steer the product discovery process and develop products that genuinely appeal to your target market by skillfully utilizing and tapping into these insights.

With Zeda.io, you have a centralized view of all the feedback from different sources like Slack, Email, customer portal, and more. By leveraging AI, our platform unveils the pressing concerns, and preferences of your customers and also helps you unleash product opportunities. 

Feedback Dashboard

Prioritizing Feedback

Creating exceptional products starts by prioritizing features that are sure to resonate with your target customers, ensuring that your offerings meet their expectations. 

Zeda.io aids you in priotising customer-driven features that aligns with the customer needs and business objectives. For you to decide what to build next, our platform offers custom options in addition to prioritization frameworks like RICE and Value Effort. By leveraging AI, Zeda.io transforms feedback into actionable insights to boost product improvements and customer satisfaction.

You can gain a competitive advantage, accelerate growth, and maximize resources while measuring the impact on business and customers by concentrating on the right features.

Prioritize Features

Forecast Decision Outcomes

For ideas to be successful, they must be validated. With our proprietary scoring system Zeda Confidence Number (ZCN), businesses can accurately assess delivery, spot high-revenue prospects, streamline deals, increase customer retention, and promote product-led growth.

 Zeda.io helps reduce development costs and foster success by concentrating on high-NPS opportunities and forging ahead into uncharted markets. Additionally, OKRs can be integrated to your product plan and used to measure the success of each product.

As I mentioned earlier, you need customer insights and inputs from your team to build a valuable product. Therefore, you have to work collaboratively to build the best product for your customers. This is enabled through roadmaps, as it keeps all the stakeholders in the loop. This can result in teamwork and, thereby, great products!

Why is Zeda.io a Must-Have?

Zeda.io helps you:

  • Identify the problem well ahead of time to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Use qualitative and quantitative data for making informed product decisions that drive growth.
  • Keep customers in the loop to reduce churn rate and boost customer retention. Also, strategize your up-selling and cross-selling with the help of valuable insights. 
  • Allocate your expenses and resources most efficiently without spending on things that do not matter. 
  • Discover high-revenue product opportunities by evaluating the business impact of feedback.
  • Maximize product-led growth by doubling down on high-NPS opportunities.
  • Enable data-driven decision utilizing using to validate ideas, optimize outcomes, and create exceptional products.

In a nutshell, Zeda.io  provides you with the right suite of features to scale up your product discovery efforts. You can collect feedback from the relevant stakeholders, prioritize the most impactful features through multiple prioritization frameworks, and keep the product team aligned using roadmaps, frame release notes, and a lot more using our automated tools. Wait no more. Book your demo today!


What is Product Discovery?

Product discovery includes all the decisions around what to build next. It entails identifying the right problem to solve, identifying growth possibilities, validating your ideas, addressing usability and value risks, prioritising the relevant feature idea, and measuring the business impact.

What are the steps of product discovery?

Product discovery involves defining objectives, conducting market research, identifying customer needs, generating ideas, creating hypotheses, validating ideas, and prototyping solutions to ensure a customer-centric approach to product development.

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