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Elevating Experience with AI Notes, Multiple Portals,& More!

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Athira V S

Created on:

January 11, 2024

Updated on:

October 27, 2023

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Elevating Experience with AI Notes, Multiple Portals,& More!

We're thrilled to share the fresh upgrades and additions to Zeda.io that have been rolled out over the past two months. With our users at the heart of our innovations, we listened, deliberated, and launched the features you've been eagerly waiting for. Let's deep dive!

Release Notes - Now More Intuitive Than Ever!

For product teams, release notes are more than just updates; they’re a culmination of hard work, innovation, and passion. Recognizing their importance, we have given our release notes a major upgrade!

AI-Powered Release Notes: We've woven AI into the creation process. Choose your updates, and let AI create compelling narratives that resonate with your audience.

Pinpoint Audience Targeting: Reaching the right audience is now a breeze. Remember your preferred audience and ensure consistent, pinpointed communication.

Release Note Analytics: Get granular with insights. From email reach to engagement metrics, know how your notes are performing.

Platform-Adaptive Previews: Preview your release notes across multiple platforms - be it mobile, email, or customer portal - ensuring perfection before the big reveal.

Customized Experiences with Multiple Customer Portals

Multiple customer portal was one of the most requested features of all. Our all-new multiple customer portals allow you to tailor experiences by product, product line, or customer segment. Control feedback visibility, post timely updates, and even share distinct roadmaps. It's all about delivering information that matters most to your varied audience.

Read more about multiple customer portal here!

Simplified Workflow with Tailored Module Flagging

Zeda.io's core belief revolves around a clutter-free, intuitive user experience. And with our revamped module flagging, we’re driving that vision even more powerfully. Now the modules are divided into:

  • Discovery: Manage feedback, track customer requests, derive insights, and build what users want.
  • Planning: Map out your roadmap and visualize strategy plans.
  • Documents: Organize all product-related documents.
  • Release notes: Draft, refine and publish updates using AI.

Seamless Collaboration with MS Teams Integration

In addition to other integrations, we have now added Teams integration to your feedback management toolbox. Streamline your collaboration and efficiency across your product team through Teams integration. Convert Teams messages into actionable feedback in Zeda.io. Share updates, bug fixes, and new features directly in Teams, and never miss key insights with real-time notifications. Know more on how to set it up here.

Fine-Tuning the Zeda.io Experience

Improvements & Fixes

Besides the new features above, we have also made improvements and fixes to ensure your Zeda.io journey is seamless. The improvements and fixes include:

💰 Flexible Revenue Currency Options

Adjust the revenue currency in the customer module as per your needs with a broader range of supported currencies.

⚙️ Jira Sync Leveled Up

Enjoy real-time synchronization with Jira and choose between one-way and two-way sync options.

✒️ Inline Feature Creation

Quickly create features without the need for cumbersome data input. Use this feature in various contexts, such as aligning to feedback, creating sub-features, and more.

🔍 Nav bar's Fresh Look

Less is more. The new cleaner design promotes crucial actions, offers quick notifications, and features a global search. Customize your workspace with your logo and settings.

🗂️ Safer Feature Management

To avoid accidental deletions, features are archived first. From your archived features view, go ahead and delete the features

In the ever-evolving world of software, we're committed to staying ahead, making Zeda.io user-friendly, and meeting your needs. Dive in, explore, and as always, we're eager to hear your feedback. After all, the next big Zeda.io feature might just be your idea!

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