Introducing 2.0

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May 25, 2023

In 2021, we started with the goal of making product management simple, structured, and intelligent.

And we succeeded in building a comprehensive tool that helps streamline workflows and allows product teams to focus on building successful products more efficiently.

By 2023, we had brutally honest conversations with over 200 CPOs and VPs from top tech companies worldwide.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Product teams are building products that don't solve the real problem. It's no surprise that these products aren't moving the business needle.
  • Products shipped are highly biased, and the impact forecast is exaggerated.
  • The customer-led product innovation is almost non-existent.

Simply put, product teams are struggling to identify what to build next and measure the business impact.

So we returned to the drawing board and looked for ways to make product management even more intelligent and powerful.

We wanted to empower product teams to confidently take bets on initiatives that actually move the business metrics.

With 2.0, our goal is to help product teams:

  • Identify problems that matter to customers and align with business objectives.
  • Prioritize and decide what to build next based on actionable product insights.
  • Plan roadmaps, align teams, and measure outcomes of every product shipped out.

Over the past five months, we have developed a product intelligence tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way products are built.

Introducing 2.0:

Gather Customer Insights

Capture and centralize customer and product feedback, uncover burning issues, and discover product opportunities.

Link feedback with pre-defined customer cohorts to assess the revenue impact.

Build with Product Intelligence

Leverage AI to transform customer signals into actionable product insights.

Understand customer sentiments and link insights to discover & prioritize product opportunities. Build what matters to your customers and align with your business goals.

Measure Strategy Impact

Create product plans, link goals, and add initiatives. Visualize using strategy maps specifically designed to provide context faster and better. Connect OKRs to your product plan and measure the outcomes of every product you build.

Assess delivery confidence in real-time with’s proprietary scoring system (ZCN).

Be it a sprint, a quarter, a year, or a decade. Products are never done!

Product teams must continuously deliver customer and business value. Here’s how product teams can anchor to achieve exactly that:

Elevate the top line with targeted discovery & prioritization.

  • Segment cohorts and customer attributes, uncover high-revenue product opportunities and expedite deal closures.
  • Propel product-led growth by understanding customer insights

Develop product strategies for a thriving bottom line.

  • Reduce development costs, and allocate resources by effective prioritization.
  • Focus on problems that matter by automating product operations.
  • Measure the outcome of each product to identify scaling opportunities.

Enable customer-led product innovation.

  • Harness customer and business insights to guide product development.
  • Address customer concerns to ensure increased retention.
  • Transform product approach: shift from feature factory to innovation mindset.

Building products are not cheap. Invest in meaningful cycles to solve the right problems.

With 2.0, discover insights to build products that create customer and business value. Continuously!

Happy Building 💜


Nireka Dalwadi
Product Marketer
In a constant shift to help product teams build products faster & better, and being perpetually awkward.
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