Best Resources for Product Management

Best Resources for Product Management

It’s important to keep yourself updated with good knowledge about new market trends and technology, no matter what field you belong to. Take out some time to utilize these resources well and do all that it takes to be a Master.

We have tried to incorporate 5 blogs under each category. This guide is an alternate route to perusing the perpetual learning openings out there. It’s an assortment of hand-picked assets explicitly for the item in the management field. Bookmark it for future reference.

1. Product Vision

Product Vision is the description that depicts the long term mission of your product. It describes the essence of the product answering all the questions from WHAT are the problems we are solving, for WHOM we are making this product to WHEN are we developing this product. Following are some sources to get good hands in articulating the vision.

2. Roadmaps

A Roadmap is a strategic plan or technique which helps to define the goal. It also determines the timeline for implementing features and requirements that align with your strategy. It serves as the communication tool which tells about the product progress to the clients and executives in meetings. It helps to communicate product strategy and important implementations to the stakeholders. Below are the sources which will give you in-depth knowledge about Roadmaps.

3. Strategy

As a product manager, it is important to strategize your product according to the problem. It is a system where goals and vision work together to align the team to reach the desired outcome. It characterizes what you need to accomplish, provides context around the market that you operate in, and guides the large themes of work that will help you to achieve your objectives. Below we have listed a few sources which will help you in framing the strategy for your products.

4. Prioritization

Product Prioritization is the process of assessing the overall importance of work, ideas, and requests to eliminate wasteful practices. A product manager can’t complete everything, hurdles may come on their way. Sometimes priorities might change, funds may scarce or reallocation of the resources may take place. So in all these scenarios, a Product Manager should always be careful about what has to be done on priority. Here are some sources below which will help you to master this skill of prioritization.

5. Design

Product design is the process of creating a product that fulfills the user’s needs and meets business goals. It is the process of imagining and creating a product according to user problems. Product design plays a major role in creating the user experience memorable. The impact can get both positive and negative depending on how effective the solution we gave to their problems. Listing down some blogs and sources which will help you to understand more about designs.

6. Growth

Developing a product is not just enough. Product managers also need to ensure that the product they have built is reaching their right audience and solving their problems or not. For that to happen, the Product growth manager has to ensure that users are reaching that product or not. Product growth helps customers and users to find value within that product. Here is the list of some blogs which will help you to grow your business at a much faster rate.

7. Analytics

Analytics is the most effective way to measure the success of your product. It tells you about the valuable insights of day to day activities carried out in different parts of the product. Not just that, It also tells about how your business is growing. This tool analyzes raw data and converts that into useful information which later helps in decision making. Following are some sources to know more about analytics in product management.

So these were some resources that we feel will help you to build a good base for product management. Hope this blog will add some value to your knowledge.

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