Build long-lasting customer connections with effortless product feedback management software

Collect customer feedback seamlessly with’s feedback management solution. Expedite your feedback management process with the prompt collection, categorization, analysis, and prioritization features.

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Hassle-free customer feedback accumulation

Capture and consolidate all customer feedback in one place.’s feedback portal makes it possible to collect and streamline customer feedback. So, now you can gather and centralize any form of feedback from your customers and work on eliminating the backlogs from the way of achieving maximum growth.

Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Analyze each feedback to its core

Make informed business decisions with an in-depth feedback analysis.’s feedback management solution can help you cut through the extras and collect insights for better decision-making. Kickstart your search, use filters, and process all your feature-related requests. Run through the data for valuable insights and follow up with customers consistently for more information.

Sort out your Priorities with in-built prioritization frameworks’s solutions include product feedback management software that lets you prioritize the critical customer feedback that requires immediate action. Use the inbuilt frameworks or create custom ones and make the final decision on what to build next.

Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Track the collected feedback regularly

Capture feedback from every channel including emails, interviews, customer support conversations, reviews, and so much more. Store your collected feedback from various channels to not lose track, regardless of the volume.

Leverage customer feedback and build powerful features

With’s product feedback management software, you can start your developments on customer requests right away. The product feedback software helps you collaborate with your internal teams to build customer-centric features.

Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Reach out to your customers with results

Notify customers with updates, follow up on new releases, update them on the progress of different ideas, and maintain a strong customer feedback loop.’s feedback management software boosts customer engagement by keeping the flow of communication intact.

Integrate’s feedback management solutions with your existing tools

You can integrate our product feedback software with the tools your team already uses –Slack, SurveyMonkey, Typeform Notion, and more.

Illustration showing product feature

Frequently Asked Questions

What is product feedback software?

A product feedback software helps to collect feedback shared by users about their experiences with the product. It eases the process of gathering, organizing, analyzing, and prioritizing feedback. With customer feedback analysis, you can understand them better and solve their issues right away.

How does product feedback software work?

The first step of working with product management software is to collect feedback. Then, all the feedback collected are categorized, analyzed, and prioritized to find out the most trending and valuable requests. The next step is to take action and respond to customer requests by kickstarting development on new features. Lastly, use the product feedback software to inform customers about the progress and completion of product features, improvements, and bugs fixes.

How to use product feedback software?

Start with collecting feedback using long-form surveys, in-app short surveys, website widgets, etc. You can then store the feedback for later analysis. Then go ahead with your feedback analysis. Analyze every piece of feedback to obtain valuable insights. Next, map the feedback data and discover the features that can bring you the biggest wins. Act on the feedback and keep the customers updated on the progress.

Why do you need product feedback software?

Product feedback software helps you empathize with customers and listen to what they say. It highlights the customers’ needs and issues with your product or service and helps to decide your priorities. It also inspires action on making consistent improvements in the problem areas.

How to collect product feedback?

With product feedback management software, you can collect product feedback within a few clicks. Get in touch with your customers directly and collect product feedback from several channels including survey forms, emails, website feedback widgets, short in-app surveys, suggestion boards, etc.

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