Build products that drive business outcomes

business outcomes

Create insight-driven product strategies and customizable roadmaps with’s visual planners. Align teams, connect OKRs, and visualize progress from one centralized view.

Visualize and communicate.
Achieve clarity

Ditch the hacky ways of building products. Your strategies, goals, and roadmaps need a home. Create visual strategy plans and customizable roadmaps to achieve clarity and align your teams.

Assign OKRs and measure
product outcomes

Don’t just build; connect OKRs to your product plan and measure the outcomes of every product you ship.

Analyze confidence and adjust plans in real time

Assess delivery confidence in real-time with’s proprietary scoring system (ZCN). Update your plans in real time with changing priorities and overall confidence levels.

Integrate and sync with your dev workflows

Integrate two-way sync with your developer platforms like Jira, Azure Devops, etc. to keep the strategies, roadmap, goals, and entire product lifecycle synced with dev processes.

Drive business impact

Uncover high-revenue product opportunities and expedite deal closures.

Address customer concerns to ensure increased retention.

Propel product-led growth by focusing on high-NPS opportunities.

Segment data by cohorts and customer attributes. Enter new markets and spaces, confidently.

Reduce development costs by effectively prioritizing opportunities.

Allocate resources wisely to address crucial issues.

Evaluate the success of each product to pinpoint scaling opportunities.

Harness customer and business insights to guide product development and drive outcomes.

Focus on problems that matter by automating routine operations.

Transform product approach: shift from feature factory to innovation mindset for enhanced creations.

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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