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Product roadmap software to align your teams better and boost efficiency

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As a product manager, I deal with a lot of data. Data fragmentation is a major headache. Nobody in the team knows where to find that user story when we really need it. a single source of truth where I can keep track of all the product data.

Gaurav Yadav

Product @Deliveroo

Live roadmap

Keep all your stakeholders well informed by having live roadmaps for different products, customers, sprints, goals and more, all synced with your dev tools and stakeholder requests.

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Padmini Janaki
CEO & Cofounder @Mind and Mom
Everything I needed as a PM is brought under one umbrella by To me, this solves the challenge of collaboration. I do not doubt that the product will make the life of a PM less chaotic.
Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Set goals and initiatives

Lay out your progress and track it inside a comprehensive product roadmap software to align your work towards the product goals and initiatives.

Product leaders can see how the work in the team impacts the North Star metric and optimize it accordingly.


Using built-in prioritisation frameworks like RICE or by even creating custom ones, you can build features that matter to both the user and business.

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Alok Dubey
Product Design Lead @Branch will change product management! After spending just a weekend with the product, I asked myself why nobody thought of this idea before.
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Illustration showing product feature


No more going back and forth. Keep your leadership, business, customers, engineering, design and fellow PMs involved in the process in a single product roadmap management tool.

Increase visibility across the organization and let various stakeholders have a say in the plan by sharing roadmaps privately or publicly, or letting them comment.

Learn about other products is the smarter, easier, more efficient way to manage product lifecycle

Everything a Product Manager needs, now in one place is the smarter, simpler, and more efficient way to plan and execute your product management with your stakeholders


What are the must-have features for a product roadmap software for SaaS?

A perfect SaaS product roadmapping software should be easy to use, facilitate product goal tracking, simplify collaboration, and integrate seamlessly with existing tools in the tech stack.

The most important of all those requirements is collaboration as a roadmap ensures clarity across the organization. offers all of that, making it a super app for product teams. If you are already using a different roadmapping tool, you can migrate to with ease.

Who are the key internal as well as external stakeholders to participate in product goal alignment?

Internal stakeholders — c-level executives, product management team, resource managers, and internal users. External stakeholders — customers, investors, shareholders, government bodies, and the general community.

The thorough participation of both stakeholders is necessary for proper product goal alignment. facilitates this by integrating with various collaboration apps like Slack and email, bringing internal and external stakeholders together.

What are the various prioritization frameworks used by a product roadmapping tool?

RICE, story mapping, MoSCoW, and Kano are the four most commonly used prioritization frameworks. Many teams build their own prioritization framework by modifying any of the existing ones.

You can use the RICE framework as soon as you sign up with However, you can set up your own custom prioritization framework as well.

What are the ways to customize a product roadmap for different functions in any SaaS organization?

A theme-based roadmap is customizable enough to guide the product vision as well as manage the product backlog during sprints in a SaaS organization.

The "theme" contains the long-term goals of the product which helps the upper executives stay updated. The epics and stories help product managers and owners manage and plan sprints.

The features and product backlog are for the product management team members.

Can we create and share product roadmaps with external users i.e., create a public roadmap  using

Yes. is a flexible product roadmapping tool that equips you to collaborate with members outside of your organization through a public roadmap.

A public roadmap makes your brand more transparent to its customers. This helps you to get feedback from them while earning their trust by sharing your future plans.

You can create multiple roadmaps with as well.

How to calculate the priority scores for various steps in product goal tracking?

You can use various prioritization frameworks to assign scores to various steps. This will make the prioritization of steps during product goal tracking accurate.

The scores contain multiple elements whose sub-scores are assigned by team members and stakeholders. It is crucial to remove personal bias while assigning those scores.