Create product strategies and measure outcomes



Once you've identified the ideal opportunities, confidently develop your product strategy, ensure your teams are aligned, and link your OKRs to track outcomes.

Create comprehensive plans tailored to your organization's specific needs

Set time-bound targets for optimal results

Visualize plans and progress with strategy maps

Seamlessly update plans based on confidence and priorities

Goals & OKRs

Empower your team with clear, measurable goals that align with your organization's vision.

Define quantifiable objectives for each plan

Monitor progress by assigning OKRs to your goals

Foster accountability and motivation through team collaboration


Unlock the potential of targeted initiatives as the essential building blocks to achieve your goals.

Establish interconnected initiatives linked to specific goals

Incorporate multiple features for well-rounded strategies

Ensure a goal-oriented approach for every initiative


Keep all your stakeholders well informed by having live roadmaps for different products, customers, sprints, goals, and more, all synced with your dev tools and stakeholder requests.

Craft clear roadmaps for strategic plans, timelines, and dependencies

Personalize roadmaps with tailored views and insightful filters

Monitor real-time progress and enhance team collaboration

Organize projects effortlessly and integrate with popular tools

Confidence Score

Introducing the Zeda Confidence Number (ZCN), a powerful indicator designed to help you gauge the achievability of a goal, considering the progress of underlying initiatives.

ZCN for a plan is calculated by taking the sum of ZCNs from each goal assigned to a high-level plan.

ZCN for a goal is determined by assigning different weightages to each initiative status and then calculating the score.

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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