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April 21, 2023

Hello There,

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? Last weekend, our team had an early morning cricket match on Saturday - yep, we got up at 6 am on the weekend! But hey, it was worth it - we needed to blow off some steam after a busy March.

And speaking of it, here's a recap on March. We've got even more updates in the next couple of months, so our team is gearing up for the challenge. Introduced several improvements to elevate your Product Discovery experience with enriched Feedback and Feature Modules, a robust Strategy Plan module, and more.

🍨 "The Inside Scoop from Our Product Team"

🎯 ‘Goals’ is now Strategy Plan.

Build insight-driven plans & define OKRs, add goals and initiatives with ease on one centralized view. Track progress through Strategy Maps, Dynamically adjust & optimize plans based on changing priorities. With Zeda Confidence Number (ZCN), forecast the outcome of planned initiatives and make informed product decisions confidently.


See Strategy plan in action

👀  What else is new

  1. Feedback dashboard:
  2. Apply filters and define rules to create feedback groups. Based on customer and revenue impact, categorize feedback by source, type, and priority.
  3. Features dashboard:
  4. Link sub-features and define feature hierarchy. Engage in threaded conversations to have contextual & organized discussions while building features.
  5. Explore the full scope of these improvements and more in our March release note. Read it here 👈

🍲 Knowledge gems hot off the press-

☕ What's insightful brewing with our content team?-

"Rapid prototyping" Did this get you thinking about wireframes and mockups?

We're all guilty of linking it as a speedy method for snagging user feedback on designs. But let's not underestimate the sheer awesomeness of prototyping!

Read here why it's crucial for product discovery.

"Customers first!"—easy to say, right? But how can you walk the talk without knowing their wants? Dive into customer insights with a data-driven approach, and get ready to connect with your crowd truly!

Read here how you can do it great.

🎧 What are we listening to? 🎧

Even a great idea can be crippled by design that doesn't put people first. So why should human considerations—their needs, wants, and aspirations—only come into the conversation later? Listen to our latest episode featuring Tatyana Mamut as we discuss how to put human needs at the heart of innovation.

📕 "Fresh Off the Press: Our Latest E-Book"

Seasoned product leaders from companies like Twilio, Circle, Freshworks, MoEngage, Dunzo, small case, TikTok, and 45 others shared their insights and key takeaways on navigating the current economic conditions and their Product Strategies. Download it here

🛋️ Curated list for your reading Spree-

That’s all for now!

See you with more updates,

We always love hearing from you, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, or just want to say hi, we are right here.

Happy Building 💜

Team Zeda.io


Devlina Das
Product Marketer
Helping product teams accelerate the build-and-ship process for the best products one sip at a time!
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