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10 Questions You Need to Include in your Product Feedback Survey

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January 11, 2024

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March 28, 2023

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10 Questions You Need to Include in your Product Feedback Survey

What do product managers want? To build the right products and satisfy customers.


But how will they know if the customers are satisfied with the product? It’s simple. Through product feedback surveys.

So, asking the right product feedback survey questions is critical to your success.

If you aren’t sure what to ask in your product feedback survey questionnaire, then stay tuned to this blog. Copy-paste the questions that we suggest and get the perfect answers. Let’s start then!

What Is A Product Feedback Survey?

Product feedback surveys are questionnaires sent to customers to gather their valuable opinions about a specific product. The survey questionnaires include questions targeted toward the user with an intent to know about their experience with the product. Product feedback surveys are a beneficial tool to collect customer feedback.

Product Feedback Survey Questions & Examples

We have picked some of our favorite questions to ask customers about your product.

All of these product feedback survey questions are tried and tested. So, you will sure-fire get the information that you are looking for.

Let’s have a look at some product feedback survey questions examples.

1. Did our product meet your expectations?

2. Which product features are the most valuable to you?

3. How likely are you to use our product over our competitors’?

4. Any important product features we are missing out on?

5. What issues could you solve by using our product?

6. How easy is our product to use?

7. Who else could use our product?

8. Is our product value for money?

9. How could we improve our product?

10. How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend?

These are a few of the questions that you would find in the best product feedback survey templates.

Here’s why we zeroed down on these ten product feedback survey questions among all the others.

1. Did our product meet your expectations?

A pretty straightforward question to start your survey for product feedback. This question can help you understand whether or not your product has made it to the customers’ good books.

The question can effectively provide a way for customers to give their opinions. Though the survey question is broad, it is specific enough to give you some idea about the extent of customers’ satisfaction. Also, it can get you some actionable data.

2. Which product features are the most valuable to you?

We find this product feedback survey question to be pretty intriguing. It lets you know how your customers use the product and what they like the best in it.

You may be surprised to learn the different ways in which customers use your product. Plus, you may even find out that a small feature that you added in the final moments turned out to be the most impressive one.

This question has the potential to open up different aspects of your product. You never know what’s in store.

3. How likely are you to use our product over our competitors’?

It is important to know where you stand when other companies offer similar products.

This product feedback survey question can reveal some useful insights as to what your customers think about the product. It can help you make informed decisions about the right way to market your product to the target audience.

4. Any important product features we are missing out on?

We picked this specific question as it will help you retain customers. You must ensure a seamless and personalized customer experience to gain customer loyalty.

This question will let you know what needs to be improved in your product or what additions you can make. While customers point out the missing features, you can think of ideas to incorporate those features into the product.

5. What issues could you solve by using our product?

Customers buy a product that solves a problem. But do you know what issues your product is addressing for the customers?

As you ask this question, you may come across certain issues that your product addresses but you weren’t aware of. The customer responses could also give you ideas for future products. Further, you may think of changing your product positioning once you know what issues your customers are addressing with the product.

6. How easy is our product to use?

This product feedback survey question is important mainly for new users. While your product may be easy-to-use for seasoned users, you must know how it works for the new ones.

The responses may reveal that your product isn’t as easy for new users as you thought it to be. So, consider asking this question and fixing certain aspects of the product or offer tutorials, manuals to help out your new customers.

For companies like which offers full-fledged product management software, this question may be important. Including the question in a software product, a feedback survey may help in enhancing user-friendliness.

7. Who else could use our product?

Asking this question can help you find potential users for your product. Maybe you will come across an entire segment of people you had never considered as your target audience. So, why not use existing customers to find new ones?

8. How would you rate the value for money?

Is your product affordable for the customers or is it too expensive?

If your product is expensive, imagine the sales you have lost just due to the high price of your product. But if customers find your product to be value for money, then maybe it’s time to focus on building premium features for a higher price.

9. How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend?

A common product feedback survey question indicates your Net Promoter Score (NPS). That means you get to know how your customers are talking about your product to others.

If your NPS is positive, then congratulations! You have a whole group of people promoting your product. But if it is negative, you must start putting in the effort.

10. How could we improve our product?

Keep this as the final question. As an open-ended and significant question, let the customers take time to answer it.

Asking this question will help you identify the areas you must focus on to increase customer satisfaction.

Product Feedback Survey Best Practices

In a successful product feedback survey asking the right questions is necessary. But how you ask the question to the specific target audience also matters. If you fail to place the question correctly, you may lose out on some insightful data.

So, we have listed a few practices (or tips, if you say so) to help you conduct the product feedback survey like a pro.

1. Start easy

You want your customers to complete the survey, right? So, start with a question that is easy to answer and straightforward. Avoid making the customer feel overwhelmed at the very beginning of the survey.

Take a look at the example below. Here, the first survey question asks about the customer’s overall experience with the product. The informal way of framing the question and the options are engaging and enough to make the customers comfortable.

2. Ask open-ended questions gradually

Open-ended questions are kind of intense. They usually demand more thoughtful responses. So, keep these questions for the latter part of the survey.

However, do not ask too many open-ended questions as they might make the survey lengthy and bore customers.

You might include a maximum of 2 to 3 open-ended questions. For example - What do you think about our product?

Customers can answer this product feedback survey question in different ways. It welcomes all kinds of thoughts and opinions from the customers’ end. 

3.Gamify the survey

Gamification of the survey can improve the response rate. Done correctly, gamification can be an effective way to engage your customers.

For instance, you can use rewards, badges, or leaderboards in your survey. Simply said, you could also add a progress bar or a 1-10 indicator to show customer progress. It will help to increase the completion rate.

Example of gamification In product feedback survey questionnaire

4. Let customers know what’s in the survey

What is the survey all about? Give your customers an idea about the survey as they will spend their valuable time on it.

For example, you can mention ‘product feedback survey’ or ‘customer satisfaction survey’ at the top of the survey.

Example of Clear Goal driven headline in product feedback survey template

Customers are more likely to respond when they know exactly what you are asking. So, whether your survey is about customer satisfaction or finding out if your product has a good market fit, let your customers know about it.

5. Find a theme that fits your survey

Your survey must look appealing too. So, design it well so that customers find it easy to read, simple, and to the point. Choose a relevant survey design with elegant colors. Keep the questions short, use well-defined fonts and styling to create impactful surveys.

6. Use ratings and text boxes appropriately

Ratings simplify the flow of the survey for the customers. So, use a 1-5 Likert scale for appropriate questions. You can use numbers or options like agree, disagree, strongly agree, and so on.

An example of a rating question could be 

How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend?

1 - Extremely unlikely

2 - Unlikely

3 -  Neutral

4 - Likely

5 - Extremely likely

However, for open-ended questions, use text boxes. You can choose to set character limits so that customers can maintain an average length of the paragraph.

Product Feedback Survey Checklist

Here’s a product feedback survey checklist that can ensure designing the perfect survey for your customers.

  • Keep your survey user-focused
  • Let the customers know that the survey is for improving the user experience
  • Keep the questions simple and easy-to-understand
  • Include the ‘other’ option in the multiple-choice questions (expect some unexpected responses!)
  • Use personalization to make customers feel unique
  • Let the customers know how the survey is going to help you personally (Example – If everyone fills out the survey, the team will reward the marketer with a goodies hamper)

Why Is A Product Feedback Survey Important?

Here’s the list of why a product feedback survey is important.

  • Product feedback surveys point out the product aspects that need improvement. It helps in the overall growth of the company.
  • Asking for customers’ feedback on their experience with the product makes them feel important.
  • Product feedback surveys help you to retain customers by focusing on the good aspects and working on the betterment of the poor ones.
  • It helps to get insights and ideas for future product development

Besides, product feedback surveys also help organizations find out whether their product is a good product/market fit.

In simple terms, product managers get to know about the ability of the product to satisfy the good market needs.

If the survey results indicate that the product is not a good product/market fit, product managers can make improvements. As a result, the product feedback surveys can help in creating better products in the future.

How To Use The Insights From The Product Feedback Survey?

Product feedback survey completed! What’s next? The next step is to gather the insights from the customer feedback and use them to improve the product. Here’s how you can use the customer insights from the product feedback survey.

1. Find out what’s working and what’s not working

As you go through the customer feedback, you can identify which aspects of the product are doing well and require improvement. Similarly, you can identify the bugs in the product and start working to fix them.

2. Prioritize feedback

Among the several responses, you need to prioritize the feedback. For instance, you can prioritize the feature requests using attributes that matter. You can prioritize based on the needs of your most important or loyal customers. Similarly, you can prioritize by customer value, the number of requests, etc.

3. Customize your approach for different customer segments

The product feedback survey might disclose different segments in your customer base. These segments can be based on different attributes like demographics, geography, etc. For example, you may find that older customers have different requirements than younger ones. Or the product features that are easy to use for younger customers are difficult for older ones.

4. Identify the key drivers of positive feedback

Which product features are driving the most positive feedback from customers? Is it speed or user-friendliness or price?

Find out the features that customers value the most. Then you can choose to enhance those particular features.

5. Discover prospects from customer feedback

Product feedback surveys help to retain customers and are also great for acquiring new customers. The customer insights from a survey often reveal what kind of potential customers to target. Questions like ‘who else can use our product?’ can help you uncover your next target audience.’s product management suite lets you gather the feedback and feature requests all in one place for a better view. It makes collecting feedback, analyzing, prioritizing them super easy.

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