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Product development collaboration software to centralize product ops and sync all stakeholders

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All tools that a PM needs in one place. Tools work in sync to eliminate most of the operational work in product management. Greatly reduces hopping between tools that don’t talk to each other..

Dheeraj Gunna

Head of Product @GoTo Financial


Write well-defined requirements and user stories broken into Epic, Stories, Tasks, and Bugs which are synced to stakeholder requests and Product Goals.

These features have two-way sync with your developer platforms like Jira, Azure Devops, etc. to keep the requirements, roadmap, goals, and entire product lifecycle always up to date.

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Aditi Kothari
Product Manager II @Razorpay
No more tracking down the documents. No more sifting through multiple files. Zeda.io provides us with a single repository of our data and makes product management simple and smart. Their recommendation engine will greatly reduce the time it takes to build products.
Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Product Space

Boost your productivity by having a centralized product design collaboration space with all the documentation, requirements, feedback, design files and more stored in one place.

Product Wiki

Create and maintain all your documentation inside one product development collaboration software. Collaborate with your team on the product artefacts like PRDs, personas, product release notes, competitive analyses, and more. Easily get started with the help of a template library.

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Shreyanshi Shah
Product Manager @Capillary
Product management is all about communication. To me, this is also the core problem Zeda.io is striving to solve. When the product teams communicate effectively, better products get built faster.
Illustration showing product feature
Illustration showing product feature

Announcement updates

Delight your stakeholders with product updates delivered to their mode of communication - Slack, Team, Email, Widget, or Portal. They know what you are shipping and this way, they can engage and also share feedback.

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Zeda.io is the smarter, easier, more efficient way to manage product lifecycle

Everything a Product Manager needs, now in one place

Zeda.io is the smarter, simpler, and more efficient way to plan and execute your product management with your stakeholders


Can projects be managed collaboratively while working on a product development collaboration software like Zeda.io?

Yes, projects can be managed collaboratively when using product development collaboration software like Zeda.io. Collaborative project management helps different project managers work together to work toward the company’s vision.

Zeda.io facilitates that by integrating with project management tools. These integrations will help you get started with Zeda.io within minutes.

What are the internal as well as external factors to be considered by a product manager while making product release notes?

Product release notes for a version of a product contains all the details about that version of the product. It also explains how this version is different and improved than the previous ones.

External factors — needs of the target audience and distribution channels. Internal factors — available resources and scope of details.

What is an agile product management tool?

Agile product management software helps teams build a robust, adaptive, and efficient product development workflow that develops and maintains a desirable product while consuming minimum resources.

In simpler words, agile product management tools are handy. You can use them anywhere and everywhere during product management. Zeda.io is one of the best agile product management tools due to its versatility.

How does agile product management software work?

Agile product management tools help teams put agile philosophies into practice.

For example, they facilitate product and engineering collaboration at every level to reduce ambiguity during development sprints.

These tools also easily fit into your current tech stack so that you won’t have to spend hours adding data to it. Zeda.io is an agile product management software that offers all of that.

How does collaboration impact the product design process?

Digital product design collaboration makes sure that the desirable features of the product are developed with usability in mind.

It removes the confusion and ensures that the developers and the designers are on the same page. It makes the product easy to use thereby improving the user experience. Zeda.io facilitates that by integrating with various collaboration and development tools.

What are the features of a good product requirements document?

Product requirements documents (PRDs) contain the purpose, features, release criteria, and timeline. It is refined through the feedback of internal and external stakeholders.

A PRD ensures clarity throughout the product management process across the organization. You can create PRDs with Zeda.io easily with the help of many ready-to-use templates.