Accelerate success with
customer-led product discovery


Capture and centralize customer feedback, uncover burning issues, and discover product opportunities.

Collect feedback from multiple
channels in one place

Use's native tools and integrations to efficiently gather valuable qualitative customer feedback. Gain valuable insights into your customers' experiences and make informed product decisions.

Customizable feedback portal to serve as your community. Capture feedback, showcase roadmaps, and publicly share progress with your customers.
Our smart widget lets your users take screenshots, annotate & record videos, and share feedback from right within your app.
To understand the impact of each feedback on your business, drill down into the specifics with a dedicated feedback panel.
Customize and share feedback forms to collect feedback directly from customers or internal teams.


Connect business impact directly with customer feedback

Associate revenue data to determine the business impact of customer feedback and product features.

Link feedback with pre-defined customer cohorts

Integrate product analytics platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude to connect customer insights with distinct cohorts.

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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