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Turn Voice of Customer Into Revenue Generating Products

Designed for B2B & SaaS businesses, Zeda.io helps you discover customer problems to solve, guides your next build decisions with AI, and shapes revenue-driving roadmaps.


Amp your sales growth
by up to 50%.


Craft product strategies in just a third of the time.


Cut customer churn rates by as much as 20%.


Free up over 90h for team collaboration

Zeda.io is loved by teams across the globe!

Start uncovering problems that matter and build impactful products.

Collect & Centralize VoC from multiple channels

Uncover problems to solve for customers.

Capture and centralize customer and product feedback, uncover burning issues, and discover product opportunities.

Accumulate and connect feedback data using native tools such as widgets and portals and integrations with customer support tools.

Conduct user research and collect feedback for rapid prototyping and validation.

Associate revenue data to determine the business impact of customer feedback and product features.

Incorporate product analytics platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude to connect customer insights with distinct cohorts.

Extract customer health and deal information from CRM platforms, linking them to relevant feedback and product features.

Customer portals


AI feedback analysis

5K+ integrations:

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get product insights on Centralized voC

Get actionable product insights & decide what to build next

Use Zeda.io's AI & ML capabilities to understand feedback, emotions, customer groups, and revenue. Gain actionable insights and build impactful products.

The AI-enhancement layer interprets customer signals from various channels, turning them into valuable product insights.

Explicitly designed for product teams: understand business and customer perspectives comprehensively.

Segment data based on various customer attributes such as location, demographics, custom cohorts, NPS, revenue, and more.

Ask AI

Feedback themes

Insights templates

Revenue impact

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Build Roadmaps that generate revenue & drive impact

Center Your Roadmaps on Revenue and Impact.

Craft product roadmaps that not only align your team but prioritize product outcomes, revenue, and impact. Focus on what truly matters.

Create product plans, link goals, and add initiatives in a simple, centralized view.

Visualize plans and work progress using strategy maps designed to provide context faster and better.

Connect OKRs to your product plan and measure the outcomes of every product you build.

Assess delivery confidence in real-time with Zeda.io’s proprietary scoring system (ZCN).

Impact-first design


Roadmap templates


Build Roadmaps that generate revenue & drive impact
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Close Feedback Loops automagically with AI

Close The Feedback Loop 10X Faster With Release Notes AI

Create release notes in mere seconds using AI and distribute them effortlessly. Preview, customize channels, and analyze performance.

The AI-enhancement layer interprets customer signals from various channels, turning them into valuable product insights.

Explicitly designed for product teams: understand business and customer perspectives comprehensively.

Segment data based on various customer attributes such as location, demographics, custom cohorts, NPS, revenue, and more.

Pre-made templates

Multiple channels

Custom branding


Close Feedback Loops automagically with AI

Embark on your journey towards 4X better product discovery and strategy.

Solve product challenges with Zeda.io.

I am not sure if I am building the right products.

Centralized Feedback

AI Product Intelligence

Gather Multiple Inputs

Zeda.io allows you to collect feedback from a myriad of channels - Slack, CRM, support tickets, browser extensions, and thousands of other integrations.

Deep Analysis

Zeda.io’s AI dives deep into feedback, sentiments, customer segments, and revenue data.

Unified Dashboard

All the feedback is centrally stored, giving you a holistic view and ensuring no valuable insight gets lost in the shuffle.

Actionable Insights

The system translates complex data into clear insights, helping you understand customer needs and preferences, ensuring that you're building products that matter to your users.

I am struggling to drive product outcomes.

Strategy Planning

Connect OKRs

Intuitive Tools

Use Zeda.io's user-friendly interface to draft product strategies, set clear goals, and initiate actionable plans.

Outcome Measurement

By integrating Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) with your product plans, you can measure the real-world outcomes of every product initiative.

Visual Representation

View your plans through strategy maps that provide a faster, clearer context, ensuring you always have a bird's eye view of your product's direction.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Refine strategies based on tracked outcomes, ensuring iterative improvements in your product planning.

My discovery process is biased. I want to be more customer-centric.

AI-Powered Analysis

Harness Customer Insights

Real-time Sentiment Analysis

Gauge the mood and sentiment of your customers in real-time, ensuring you're in tune with their feelings and needs.

Feedback-First Approach

Zeda.io places customer feedback at the forefront, ensuring your product innovations are genuinely customer-led.

Trend Spotting

Identify emerging patterns in customer feedback, helping you anticipate needs and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Deep Dive Analytics

Understand the "why" behind customer feedback, giving you a richer understanding of their needs and pain points

My teams are not aligned, and I lack visibility.

Strategy Maps

Roadmapping Tools

Clarity and Alignment

By visualizing product strategies, all teams—from development to marketing—understand the direction and goals.

Customizable Roadmaps

Design roadmaps that cater to your team's specific needs, ensuring everyone understands their roles and timelines.

Real-time Updates

Teams can view real-time progress, ensuring everyone stays on the same page throughout the product development cycle.


Easily share roadmaps with all stakeholders, from developers to top management, ensuring transparency and alignment across the board.

How Zeda.io can help different teams

Improve your product ROI by 2X with Zeda.io!

Align your teams, make decisions faster, and deliver double the impact. Join forces with growth and success teams to seal deals quickly and bolster customer loyalty!

Strategize with Clarity & Impact

Enable Genuine Customer-Led Innovation

Enhance Team Alignment & Visibility

Close deals faster & boost sales growth by up to 50%

Cut that time in half with Zeda.io. It helps sales and product teams work together so you can close deals faster and make your product sales-enriched.

Communicate & Clear Deal Breakers

Turn Calls & Chats into Action Items

Spot High-Value Opportunities Instantly

Cut customer churn rates by as much as 20% & improve product adoption

With Zeda.io, reduce churn and boost your NPS & CSAT scores effortlessly. Align your customer success and product teams to surpass customer expectations and nail success goals.

Deep-dive into Customer Sentiments

Double-down on Growth Levers

Close Feedback Loops 10X Faster

Drive business impact

Uncover high-revenue product opportunities and expedite deal closures.

Address customer concerns to ensure increased retention.

Propel product-led growth by focusing on high-NPS opportunities.

Segment data by cohorts and customer attributes. Enter new markets and spaces, confidently.

Reduce development costs by effectively prioritizing opportunities.

Allocate resources wisely to address crucial issues.

Evaluate the success of each product to pinpoint scaling opportunities.

Harness customer and business insights to guide product development and drive outcomes.

Focus on problems that matter by automating routine operations.

Transform product approach: shift from feature factory to innovation mindset for enhanced creations.

Zeda.io is trusted by product
folks across the globe

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Zeda.io is a leader in Idea Management on G2
Zeda.io is a leader in Idea Management on G2
Zeda.io is a leader in Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools on G2
Zeda.io is a leader in Enterprise Feedback Management on G2

Zeda.io is highly customizable, especially since different product managers/companies might have their own ways of working. It is an impressive tool for product managers to manage tasks efficiently, right from defining the products to releasing the products.

Michael Ho
Head of Product & Business Strategy - TranSwap

Zeda.io stays true to its mission of making Product Management simpler and more efficient. Our Product Managers have never had an easier time listening to customers and gaining actionable insights that lead to new and improved features.

Product lead @Task Monk

The biggest problem Zeda.io has solved for us is alignment. As a company, all teams have different visions for the long-term. Zeda.io has helped bring everyone together while increasing the visibility across teams.

Snehasri Purama
Sr Manager@Sprinque

Zeda.io has given us the ability to have a centralized system that allows us to manage all our feedback channels, with one single login. It is extremely easy for us to collect both external and internal feedback and create a strong feedback loop with them.

Sriram Subramanian
Product Manager at AdYogi

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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