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February 2, 2023

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Title (H1) - Prioritize & Track Feedback with Feature Request Software


Feature Request Software - Find out What Customers Want!


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Feature Request Software - Track Popular Requests

Subtitle – Collect, Organize, and Prioritize feature requests with Zeda.io’s feature request tool. Get access to actionable insights and identify the most popular customer requests to build the ideal customer-oriented product features.

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1. Feature request organization in one place

Heading – Get A Centralized Hub for All the Feature Requests

Bid farewell to spreadsheets, files, and folders!

Let the incoming feature requests from multiple channels flow to a centralized place. Categorize the requests into ideas, issues, and other custom segments for easy and efficient management. 

Our customizable dashboard clearly tells any identified feedback patterns and what the most requested features are. 

Share it with the product management teams, evaluate, and make informed product decisions quickly. 

2. Feedback request tracking

Heading – Feature request tracking for Better Insights

Create as many feature request boards to collect ideas and customer requests within the customer feedback portal. As users vote on ideas, product managers can get a clear picture of the most popular ones on top of the list. 

Prioritize feature requests from the most popular list. Comment and engage users. And keep them updated as feature request statuses change. 

3. Feedback request prioritization

Heading – Prioritize feature requests before taking action

Use the votes and comments feature to find out the product feature most users are looking for. Assess, sort, and filter the requests to understand the priority customer requests. 

Moreover, with Zeda.io’s built-in prioritization frameworks like RICE, Value Effort, or custom ones, product managers can assess and identify the most important feature requests on the dashboard. 

4. Collaborate with stakeholders 

Heading – Collaborate to make informed decisions

Prioritizing feature requests can help product managers build the product based on the most valuable customer feedback. Start with creating live product roadmaps and share them with other stakeholders. 

Create a visual summary of the added product feature requests and share it with your customers. Collaborate with development teams to communicate and make well-informed decisions.

5. Integrations to manage feature requests from external places

Heading – Share ideas through integrations.

Set up an effective and efficient collaboration between the product management teams. Track feature requests, discuss ideas, evaluate, and collectively make the right decisions.

Let the teammates easily join hands in sharing ideas, feature requests, and decision-making. With Zeda.io’s integrations, the product managing team can now directly collaborate with managers from external platforms like Slack, HubSpot, Zendesk, and many others. 

FAQs section

What is feature request software?

Feature request software provides insights on what the end-users or customers want in a product. It helps the product manager and the development team to understand customer needs and make informed decisions. Thus, feature request software ensures the creation of the most impactful product features. 

Why should you use Feature Request Management Software?

Feature request management software allows teams to gather customer feedback in an organized and centralized way, get insights about customers’ wants, and prioritize feature requests based on significant criteria. 

Feature request software allows product managers to create a comprehensive knowledge repository consisting of users’ pain points and their ideal solutions.

What are the benefits of using feature request software?

There are several benefits of using feature request software. A few of them are:

  • Track feature requests from a centralized place
  • Prioritize feature requests effectively
  • Create multiple feature request boards to collect ideas
  • Identify what most customers want 
  • Streamline the feedback process with a visual public roadmap

How does feature request software work?

Feature request software helps to collect the feature requests in one centralized place. It makes managing feature requests easy and more efficient. With the help of feature request software, product managers can ensure proper organization and prioritization of the collected feature requests.

How to use feature request software?

Below are the steps to use feature request software;

  • Collect feedback from multiple sources
  • Track them from the centralized dashboard
  • Organize, categorize, and prioritize feature requests using votes and comments 
  • Collaborate with teams to prioritize ideas and feedback
  • Identify and work on the most requested features to build the ideal product

How to collect feature requests?

Feature requests can be collected from multiple sources. 

  • In-app widget - Enables collecting feature requests instantly.
  • Surveys - Mobile app surveys, web surveys, etc. can be used to collect feature requests
  • Customer-facing Internal teams - Customer success, sales team, etc. can collect feature requests directly when customers mention them.

How do you keep track of product features?

Feature request software allows product managers to store all the incoming feature requests in one centralized place. The dashboard makes it easier to categorize product features, ideas, problems, and questions from users. Also, it provides a clear view of the most requested product feature.


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