Let's make your Product Development
simpler and smarter


What is ZEDA.IO?

At Zeda.io we are simplifying and innovating Product Development for Product Managers by building a tool which provides all the functionalities needed to define and manage a Product over its entire life cycle. It will be one place where you can define, manage, collaborate, and share your product description.


Discover best practices for your product with templates.

Find the best solutions from leading Product leaders around the globe and get inspired by using templates to build your next revolution bringing product. From a wide range of templates including all the domains, dive deep and select templates to build your product in a better way.


Do anything you want with Widgets.

A set of intuitive drag and drop widgets with templates to define and manage your product. Our features are built with vision to integrate the scattered process of product management by providing widgets to make it simpler, smarter, more collaborative and offer a centralized system.


Stay updated with ZEDA.IO Academy

Zeda academy offers a curated list of all the resources you need to learn about Product Development and Management through various Blogs, Podcasts, and webinars from leading product leaders.

What to expect from ZEDA.IO Coming Soon

We have a lot in store for you. Here’s a sneak-peek into what’s headed your way.

ZEDA.IO Community

A place where you can Find and Share your Product with the world.A platform for all product enthusiasts to get feedback and inspire others.

ZEDA.IO Marketplace

Centralized platform to offer all features such as Roadmaps, Surveys, Data, wireframes etc to simplify the process of product management.

Smart AI Assistant

Smart AI Assistant will be assisting Product managers by suggesting the best practices in defining and improving products.

Join the waitlist.

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