AI-powered product discovery
for customer-focused teams

Discover problems to solve for customers, decide what to build next based on actionable product intelligence and create product strategies to drive business outcomes.

Customer Insights

Uncover problems to solve for customers.

Capture and centralize customer and product feedback, uncover burning issues, and discover product opportunities.

AI Product Intelligence

Decide what to build next with AI-powered insights.'s AI layer uses machine learning to analyze feedback, sentiments, customer segments, revenue, and other data points and translates them into actionable insights so you can build better products with confidence.

Strategy Plan

Create product strategies and measure outcomes.

Create product plans, link goals, and add initiatives. Visualize using strategy maps specifically designed to provide context faster and better. Connect OKRs to your product plan and measure the outcomes of every product you build.

Customer testimonials

"It is an impressive tool for product managers to manage tasks efficiently, right from defining the products to releasing the products."

Micheal Ho
Global Head of Product & Business Strategy - TranSwap

"Our Product Managers have never had an easier time listening to customers and gaining actionable insights that lead to new and improved features."

Co-founder & Product lead -

Solve customer problems and drive business outcomes.

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